Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Two sisters, Miriam (left) and Khartoum with two baby sisters

While we were away on leave in South Africa, Miriam, my house-lady here in Khartoum, took care of Shadow, the cat and the five budgies. They have never been so well looked after and were happy, healthy and confident when we returned. 

This week Miriam brought her sister, Khartoum (yes, that's her name!) to help clean the storage area under the stairs at the bottom of our landing. Khartoum brought her two little girls, whom I took over to the shops. We bought a colouring book and crayons for the older one and a sucker-sweet (lollypop). Shadow shared his toys (not at all graciously, I might add) with the baby, while she had to be happy with her bottle of milk as a treat.  While the two older sisters worked side-by-side, the two baby sisters spent the whole day playing on a blanket in the air-conditioned guest room. They are the best-behaved children we know here in the Sudan!

The Arabic word for sister is oo-good.

(Note" the "g" in the word is pronounced as if clearing your throat and exhaling similtaneously. Try it, it's fun!)

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  1. Thanks for the comments on my Cape Town blog - and for drawing my attention to your most interesting blog! I look forward to learning more about a part of the world that is just a great hole in my knowledge at the moment!

  2. What a charming and lovely photo of the sisters with their kids.

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo

    Have a nice week,
    Greetings, Bram

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  4. I really enjoyed your story for this week. It's a wonderful thing to be able to share experiences all the way around the world. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks JBar, I appreciate this comment coming from you:)

    Hi Caroline;) I'm glad you to have met you! Isn't blogging wonderful? You get to meet people all over the world! Have a lovely day. Blessings Jo

  6. Good to see you again, LadyFi. Thanks for your comment

    Hi Bram, pleased to meet you. I'll pop over to your blog shortly.

  7. Lovely photo, Jo! I, too, enjoyed the story of these two women and the little ones! It is great to be able to share these stories from around the world! I love it! Hope your week is off to a great start! Enjoy!


  8. Beautiful people. Thanks for sharing. The kids indeed looked well-behaved

  9. A charming picture of lovely sisters and such adorable children :)
    ☼ Sunny

  10. I hope that ur pronunciation guide works with all the guests here, we write sister "okht" and brother "akh" kh kh is like ch in German nacht and acht
    this blog may give u an idea about the way we write Arabic with Latin letters :)

  11. Beautiful post about sisters, Jo.... Glad you have some help ---and I'm sure those women appreciate the extra money they can make.

    I know you enjoyed entertaining those precious little girls.

  12. I love the name of Khartoum. They look happy and contented.

  13. What a wonderful photo, Jo - and as a mother I can honestly say ... that no matter what our backgrounds/colour/beliefs/culture/history/age there is one thing that reunites us all ... the love that we, as mothers, have for our children :)

  14. Thanks Gwendoline;) good to see you again.

    Hi Jenn;) thanks, we always marvel at the calm manner in which these ladies see to the children AND get on with their work. No complaints, only smiles!

    Thanks Sunny;)

    Yes, Betsy;) I get the good service (with a smile) and they need the money. I did enjoy the children. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Yes, sEy;) it is a common name around here even though it's the city's name!

    Hi Raindrops! Thanks for the explanation. I wish I had said it like that. I will check out the website now.

    Hi Lynda;) too true, we all unite as mothers, don't we?

  15. Oh it made me miss my sisters now. Great photo, it's very affectionate shot!

    Good day

  16. Plus you got to enjoy their company.

    That "g" sound is impossible. ;D


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