Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun with Shadow

Miriam, my all-time favourite person having a game with me

This is sooo relaxing

Uh-oh, I'm down on the floor again.

Whoo-hoo, Miriam where are you ?
Please give me my toy

I'm not playing anymore!

Oomph! Poor Shaun has to get up close and personal with the ememy!

I pick Shaun up (not too gently, mind you!)...

...and carry him like a dog would...

Got him by the neck! And adding a kick for good measure.

Shaun the Sheep has had a thorough beating and has become the cuddly toy again

The Arabic word for toy is el lbh (pronounced el labbah)(Singular) and el ahab (plural). The Arabic word for sheep is krwf, pronounced garoof (singular) and khrãf (plural)pronounced gurfaa here in Khartoum. The latter two words include the dreaded "g" sound again. If you're interested, it is pronouned like "ach" in German, as in "Nacht"

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  1. Shaun must be exhausted after that work-out.... Poor little sheep...ha....

    Miriam must be a fabulous woman.. She loves that kitty and the kitty loves her... Isn't that sweet?????

    Cats are just so curious --and love to PLAY...

    Cute pictures.

  2. So cute. Love to see Shadow playing. I love his little sheep too.

  3. Looks like Shadow and Shaun have become great friends.

  4. hey shadow you look so cute and your human has taken some lovely pics of you too!

  5. I'm sure Shadow loves Shaun so much.

  6. Shadow looked so happy playing with Miriam and Shaun.

  7. Love your cute cat Shadow, he is so playful. Cats do like a paper bag to hide but Shadow make it into a huge game.

  8. Shadow is just toooo gorgeous, and is most certainly one of the luckiest cats in the Sudan ! xx

  9. Shadow was a beautiful kitten and has grown into an even lovelier cat. Lovely to see how Miriam plays with him.

  10. Shadow is such a beautiful cat and I love how Miriam plays with him and how he plays with Shaun Sheep! Great photos, Jo! Enjoyed them all!

    Sam, Mojo and Sylvia

  11. Thank you for the comment, Jo
    It seems that you're taking lessons in writing Arabic now, cause you're using the Semitic way of spelling :)
    Egyptian isn't more classic than Sudanese as u may think, on the contrary we find Sudanese even closer to standard Arabic in many aspects.

    Qitta is the standard word, it's understood all over the Arab world, you can even use Egyptian words in Sudan and don't worry u'll be understood, our dialect even matches ur skin color more than Sudanese :d

  12. Poor Shaun went through quite a hazing by Shadow. But Shaun passed the test, it appears, because he's getting some cuddling at the end. This is so funny!


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