Saturday, August 7, 2010

Whistle-Stop Holiday in South Africa

We were met at the Johannesburg airport by Angus, Amanda and our Marquard grandson, now six months old

Spent leisurely hours in our garden soaking up the warm winter sun

We shopped at malls which still displayed the World Cup Soccer fever

I photographed and spent time with the FatCats at home. Here is Chip sitting dozing in the sun

Have motorcycle, will travel
Gave Pudding, who seems to have aged drastically in the past three months, much needed TLC

Bonded with the laid-back dogs, Eddy and Angie. Megan, who was woolly and untidy, refused pointblank to pose for me. She has since been beautifully clipped
We visited a motorcycle museum on which I'm writing an article for an outdoor adventure magazine

We ate out
Photographed Angus who was photographing me. He is the proud new owner of my previous camera, a Canon EOS350. I took this photo in church. Behind Angus is the baptismal bath. We'd just witnessed our young doctor and his wife make the momenteous decision to turn from their previous life, follow the Lord and be baptised

Photographed Puff
Had Emily's two-year-old grandson to visit
Went on breakfast runs

Photographed the FatCats again...
Looked after our Marquard grandson for a day
Fed the FatCats with the help of Marquard grandson!
Met our fifth grandchild, and third grandson for the first time

Visited our precious family in the Drakensberg

Visited new and more beautiful places in South Africa


  1. You fit a lot of visiting and fun into a short period of time!

  2. You two sure had a whirl wind trip home yet got to spend time with the entire family. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. A whirlwind holiday. You really crammed in a lot of fun and experiences. A great post. Gorgeous grandchildren and nice bike. Hope you are getting better. Have been thinking about you a lot.

  4. You packed a lot of fun and family and furry friends into your weeks of vacation, Jo! I love the photographic recap.

    Your grandkids are so cute!

  5. LOVED this post & getting a snapshot view of your time spent in SA, Jo ... all the photo's are gorgeous. Hope you're feeling better today :) xxx

  6. Thanks Janie, we sure did. You learn about quality time on a short holiday as this.

    Absolutely Gaelyn;) we had to spend time with the children and grandson back home and then popped down to the Berg (on the m/bike of course) to spend time at John and Debbie's plot. Thanks, I'm improving daily.

    Thanks for your sweet comments about the grands, diane. Thanks too, for so kindly thinking about me. I'm getting better every day. Have a wonderful day.

    Hi Pat, yes, apart from visiting children and having others over to visit us, I had to make time for the cats and dogs at home! It was only when I viewed the folder of photos called "Home July 2010" that I realised how much we actually did. That was excluding tea with friends (me) having my nails done, and hair cut and catching up with shopowners in our town!

    Thanks Lynda;) you know what it's like to have a short time in SA. You cannot think what to do first! Thanks for your kind thoughts: I'm getting better every day.

  7. Hey Jo, really enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures. I love your cats. I really miss my kitty, which we gave to a good family who had more time to spend with her. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  8. What a nice and fulfilled stay at home ! I loved the picture with the cats eating and little grandson watching, too cute.
    But all pictures are very nice and it's a pleasure to know your family !

  9. Hi Gattina;) the one of the cats eating with g/s sitting in, is also my favourite. We did have a wonderful time at home.

    Hi Jackleen;) thanks for popping over. Yes, I always wonder what it's like to have to give pets away. Sorry about that. Have a wonderful weekend

  10. Thanks for stopping by Jo. You packed a lot into a short time and it was fun to see all the photos. Hope you are back to normal. Does someone live in your house while you are gone? The animals seem to do well in your absence. You and your husband are obviously very flexible people!
    Let us know when we can read your article. What fun.

  11. What lovely pictures Jo . I love the grandchildren photo's and of course all the lovely cats. It was good to hear you had a great time.

  12. Your grandson is adorable. Nice photos.

  13. Enjoyed the recap of your trip home Jo. It looks like you packed a lot into your short time there. (I just looked above and saw the exact same words, lol). I've been very busy this past month but doing well. I just came back from a short visit with mom. No pics taken this time :-)

  14. Love the shot of your grandson hanging out with all the cats...
    "Cat-man-do" can be a nick name for him...
    BTW your driving on the wrong side of the road :)


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