Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pets in Khartoum...

...all well, happy and healthy!

  The budgies get stuck into one of their gifts - a seed bell

One of the many gifts my humans brought back from South Africa. This is my collar from the back

And the front view. Beautiful huh?

What would they do without my help?
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  1. Your kitty looks lovely and princess-like in her new collar. What a great helper she is!

    Oh, or is she a he?

  2. What an intelligent cat you have which can help you with these things. :)

  3. Everyone looks healthy. I'm sure they're glad to see you back, especially with gifts.

  4. Ciao dolcissimo,
    certamente gli umani senza il nostro aiuto non riescono proprio a far nulla !!!
    Adesso è tutto a posto con il ventilatore ?

  5. Your cat is looking so healthy and the collar suits her so well. Your two budgies are adorable and look like they are having a grand time with the seeds :-)

  6. She look like love you so much and want to be with you @ all time. And be helpful when you do thing : )
    Please have a great new week !

    Everyday Cat Visitor

  7. Oh, I know what you mean! I help my humans all the time too!

  8. Wow you collar looks elegant on you!

  9. Hi Jo!
    The difference between cats and dogs is this:
    A dog thinks, "Wow! It feeds me and loves me and gives me a wonderful place to sleep... It must be God!"
    Whereas a cat thinks, "Wow! It feeds me and loves me and gives me a wonderful place to sleep, I must be God!"
    Hope you are feeling better!

  10. Absolutely a great help, Pat (lol!)

    Hi Joan, my hubby disagrees that the cat was helping. More like "hindering" he muttered!

    Thanks Joyful, they're all happy and well.

    Hi Boom Nisarnat, welcome to my blog and thanks for the kind comment.

    Hi Spunky Doodle, yes, what would our humans do without us? Purrs from Shadow of Khartoum

    Hi Gaelyn;) we were amazed to see how absolutely elated Shadow was when we arrived at 4am on Wednesday. He jumped into my arms and then he jumped onto the floor and tore around the flat. Just like a child.

    Thanks Al, it's so "me" isn't it?

    Hi Mike;) Oh yes, there is such a difference between dogs and cats. Dogs have owners while cats have staff. BTW. SA has the best beef in the WORLD! Thanks for popping in.


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