Sunday, August 22, 2010

A neighbourhood scene

Mosques all over the city are decorated with colourful lights during Ramadan. Last week I took a few photos of a mosque as seen from our balcony... colour...

...sepia tone...

...and monochrome

The Arabic word for mosque is djame

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  1. Beautiful, Jo... I love hearing more about Ramadan... Love seeing the mosque all lit up... All of those pictures are GREAT... Thanks!

  2. Looks nice. I always like lights on a building for the beauty they give at night.

  3. Kind of reminds me of Christmas.

  4. Hi Jo, wow you have the perfect view of this mosque ... love it how you experimented with the tones... have a wonderful day!

    My Scenic Sunday here

  5. Nice captures Jo and I really like you played with the tones. I can imagine you while changing the settings of your camera and experimenting with the white balances and exposure.

    In here, the Arabic word for mosque is masjid. I like this, am learning the Sudanese Arabic.

  6. lovely three tone photos. Last week, my Somalian student was telling me about Ramadan and he was happy I knew because I grew up in Borneo.


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