Sunday, August 15, 2010

A One-Night-Cat!

The old station, perfectly restored. and turned into self-catering accommodation now. There are classic and vintage cars displayed all around the village. These can be hired, with a chauffeur to ferry you the four kilometers around the village 

Old petrol bowsers/pumps in front of the building where we had lunch. This used to be the old post office at Thomas River Village
In March, while we were touring South Africa on our motorbike, Grant and I spent a day and a night at a Historical Village in the Eastern Cape.  I'd read about this village in a magazine while visiting friends in the Western Cape. It had been a railway station in the late nineteenth century until mid-twentieth century. It became disused in 1948 (when a new line opened in another area)  and all but forgotten for the next five decades. In 2003,  the village was acquired by Jeff and Ann Samson and since then they have spent the intervening years painstakingly restoring the village. You can read more about this beautiful place here.

This village is situated on one of the really scenic routes on our way home and that's what we decided to do. We phoned and booked our accommodation in the Station Master's House, for the night. We spent a day (after a delicious lunch in the pub, which used to be the old post office) wandering around the conservancy. There is a beautiful old stone church and farmers' hall (exactly like the one where I grew up and like the one in the area where Grant's granddad had a farm - oh the nostalgia!) which is used for weddings and other functions.
OK, I've chosen you!
As we were returning to our accommodation, a ginger cat walked up and joined us. He entered the house with us, had dinner and then slept at the foot of our bed!
Thanks for dinner. Where's my bed?

He spent the night at the foot of our bed (The accommodation was furnished in the retro style of South Africa in the Sixties)

So long!
Early next morning after he'd drunk a bowl of milk we put down for him, he padded down the long passage,  walked out of the front door and into the garden... That was the last we saw of him!

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  1. Neat place.... Looks like they did a great job of renovating that old railway station. What a neat place for you all to stay... AND --to have the little kitty join you was super!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous place, Jo.

  2. So funny! I've never heard of one night cat. You really do draw animals to you :-)

  3. This almost reminds me of Pilgrim's Rest. Well, without the house guest.

  4. Hey Shadow your birthday now features on Pet Pride!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pet Pride

  5. Aww isn't she a cute kitty? Look at her green eyes!

  6. Hi Betsy;) thanks, it was a super place and I'm writing an article on it for a South African magazine. (The same magazine which featured the promotion of this place!) yes, the kitty was an added bonus as we love cats! Have a wonderful day. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Hi Joyful: yes, my play on words, LOL! We do seem to encourage the critters, don't we?

    Hi Gaelyn;) yes, the surrounding area is hilly and mountains can be seen in the distance. So restful...

    Hi Al, always good to see you. I'm off to visit your blog now!

  7. Oh my, you are the chosen on by the angel guardian in the shape of a ginger cat! :)

  8. What a marvellous place to over night in complete with cat! Great choice.

    Sorry I have not been around lately, brain function not always reliable, neither is our internet connection.

  9. Nothing as independent as a cat! How funny that he made himself so at home and then left! Priceless! That does look like such a fun and interesting place! Hope you have a great week, Jo!


  10. This looks and sounds like a delightful old-timey place. How nice that they have a welcoming cat who is quite comfortable with guests. That part was so interesting. I'd never heard of accomodations that come with a cat before!


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