Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pastoral Scene in South Africa

A pastoral winter scene along the N1 highway between Johannesburg and Bloemfontein

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  1. This is a lovely bucolic scene, Jo. We see cows and beef cattle around where we live, too, but no usually in the water.

  2. I thought you were coming back permenantly Jo? Hope you had a great time while you were here.

  3. so beautiful...

    hope you had a great time back

  4. Interesting to see them in the water. How are feeling?

  5. great to see so much water. People often portray Africa as a drought stricken land.

  6. Did you know our best net ball player Irene Van Dirk came from South Africa?

    People had mixed feelings when she came to give moral support to the Spring boks when they were here last month.

  7. Hi Jo, I hope you are feeling a whole lot better, I am just catching up on blogs and read down your posts I had missed. I like the photo souvenir you put together of the highlights of your trip down south.

  8. Nice shot Jo! Love your header too!!

  9. It was a restful scene, Pat. This holiday is the first time I've photographed the cattle in the water. We saw this scene many times, once even with a horse standing tummy deep and eating the weed (that's what the cows are doing here too)

    No Joan, we come home for three weeks every three months and have a break. We may still be here in 2012! But with expat life, things change often and suddenly so we may not!

    Hi Ann;) yes Africa has water but for how long, I don't know. I did'n know about the netball star. Thanks for always visiting my blog.

    Hi Magiceye;) thanks...

    Hi diane;) it is an interesting thing to see these cattle in water AND the water is freezing. I'm feeling a lot better thanks!

    Hi Peggy) Oh I've been slow in catching up on visiting. I'll pop over to you soon.

    Hi Mike:) did you know that South Africa has the best beef in the world! Bless you for your visits!.

  10. Beautiful pastoral scene (Beethoven would have enjoyed it!), and to think that the water is cold, almost unbelievable!


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