Sunday, August 29, 2010

Evening scene over Omdurman

Beautiful evening scene over Omdurman

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The Arabic word for beautiful scene is Mshhd Jmyl (pronounced Mu-shed Jimeel) and is actually "scene beautiful"


  1. The sky is very pretty! Definitely a "scene beautiful."

  2. Gorgeous sky, Jo... You all do have great sunrises and sunsets there.... WOW!!!

  3. Thanks EG WOW, it is indeed scene beautiful. Have a wonderful Sunday

    Hi Betsy;) Thanks we are blessed aren't we; to wake up every day to a new and glorious sunrise. Blessings. Jo

  4. Great contribution. I love the atmosphere :-)

  5. The locals who are fasting, would they look up the sky and see if the moon is telling them when the new year will be?

    The sky is so beautiful, it probably will be hiding the moon.

  6. Wow what a beautiful sky !
    I booked 2 weeks of holidays at the Red Sea as I do each year, to get some (badly needed) sunshine before the winter !
    Would you like to join my new meme "what did you do this weekend ?" on Mondays, I am a curious person you see, lol !

  7. Oh, the color of the sky is just gorgeous,Jo! I love God's ever-changing "sky canvases," as Esther G. refers to them.

  8. How I miss the sunset over the Nile.. Gorgeous pictures!


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