Saturday, February 13, 2016

Critters on my walks and our road trips

As the week started, Grant and I drove to the city.  He had an appointment with the specialist to check out his tingly fingers. Our suitcases were packed in case he was admitted to hospital. (I had arranged to stay with a friend) 

The specialist saw him briefly and sent him for tests in the building basement. These tests were done at a neurologist's surgery. Arriving there,  he was immediately told the machine which does the tests, was in for service; please to return on Thursday. (People in the city don't realize that we travel 160km one way to get to appointments!)

We came home...

On Thursday, we packed our suitcases again and set off for the city - again! We arrived on time for the tests which took about half an hour. The orthopedic surgeon told Grant to come straight up to his rooms once he had the report. 

We did that. 

But as we arrived, his receptionist looked most surprised to see us. She said the doctor wasn't even in that day - he was doing a clinic in a nearby town. However, she phoned him, read the report to him after which Grant spoke to him. He told Grant that his problem isn't merely Carpel Tunnel syndrome - it's far more serious and sent Grant back down to the neurologist.

When we arrived here for the second time that morning, this receptionist looked most surprised. Grant said that his doctor had sent him to see this doctor. The receptionist told Grant the neurologist was off sick and would only return on Tuesday. When he did return, his patient list was so long, Grant would have to go onto a waiting list. 

We returned home - again! 
At the fuel one-stop, we bought bottled water and a snack. 
I took photos of the animals in an enclosure 

At home, the dogs were pleased,  as on Tuesday and Wednesday morning we went for our walkies on the golf course! 
I was thrilled to see I'd captured the rising sun in the horse's eye!
Course maintenance

Wildflowers abound
I loved the effect of the early morning sun rays on this spiky grass
Eddy on the other side of the fence, waits patiently for me and Skabenga to catch up! 
I've trained Skabenga to sit [still] on the leash while I take photos on the way home. Here is a Southern Masked Weaver on a dead tree in the empty plot next to Angus and Amanda's house
The hawthorn in my pavement garden is in flower. This brings barbets, bulbuls and other fruit -eating birds in their droves
The hawthorn berry  also has many health benefits

Late one evening I was thrilled to see our frog appear on the patio
Returning from our second trip to the city where Grant did NOT see the doctor, I took photos out of the window as we drove along
I tried to photograph the waterbirds on this dam but only seemed to focus on the sheep along the banks
At home on Saturday morning, Ambrose got up onto Angus' house roof. He couldn't get down again. He'll post a video on Blogger tomorrow!

While we were in the city on Thursday, Rina tidied out the kitchen cupboards (they needed it!), baked jam/coconut squares and also baked a beautiful chocolate cake for me. 

Today is my birthday. 
My birthday cake!

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  1. Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I sympathise with you re the hospital visits. I find that type of lack of communication so very annoying. 'Customer services' in all its forms is getting worse and worse.

  2. Happy Birthday dear Jo! I knew it was soon. What a beautiful cake Rina made you and some lovely photos you took on the journey. I am sorry that Grant's doctor visits keep getting pistpined. I do hope it is a fixable serious concern and will keep all in prayer. Big hugs my friend. xx

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  4. Happy Birthday. What a shamozzel with the doctor appointments. It must be so annoying when you live so far away from the city. It must also be worrying now that there seems to be something worse than first thought and you have to wait to find out what is wrong. The critters are great especially the horse and masked weaver bird.

  5. Hello Jo, Happy Birthday to you! Wow, I am sorry you wasted another trip to the city, is there a way to confirm the appointment the day before? I love your sweet Eddy! The Weaver is beautiful and the frog is cute. Great capture of the light in the horse's eye and I also love the sheep. Great critter post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  6. happy birthday, the cake looks yum. i love chocolate and cherries...Eddie looks so sweet waiting. love the horse. as for the story of the doctor visits, what a nightmare to go that far and you still don't know what is going tangled up with all the visits, and so far away.... did the doc say what was in the report at all>

  7. Your birthday cake looks yummy! Happy Birthday! Gorgeous photos, too. What a mess, getting the necessary tests and seeing the Drs! We are worried we will be faced with much the same when we move to Oregon the end of summer. My husband is 100% disabled and right now he has some concerns that have us headed to the V.A. hospital every day (except weekends and one Friday free) for the next three weeks! We only drive 20 minutes to get there, but after we move to Oregon we will be living either 2 1/2 hrs from one V.A. or 3 1/2 hrs from a larger V.A. I'm scared it's going to be a mess!!!! Hope your hubby's problem is easily dealt with and not too serious!

  8. Happy Birthday Jo!!!! I can relate to living so rural it takes hours to get to appointments or major shopping. Hope everything will be OK with Grant.

  9. A belated Happy Birthday Jo. Your tales of the appointments sounds so familiar but made worse for you by the distances you have to travel.

    You seem to remain positive and cheerful though. Good Luck to you and Grant.

  10. Happy belated birthday! I popped over to see if you'd done a puzzle yet and found I'd missed a bunch! Your photos are always so interesting. Sorry you are having such doctor trouble. How frustrating!


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