Saturday, February 6, 2016

Glorious mornings of critters and greenery

Once again it's time to post about the beautiful mornings I enjoy daily on the golf course. Apart from my own crazy critters (dogs and cats); I managed to capture a horse this week. 

Now, if you know me you know I love all animals and there are none that I'm afraid of... except horses! That notwithstanding, I remember how, in 1997, I partook in a community fun horse ride. I covered 38 kms through the maize lands, mostly on my own;  as the rest of the people - including my dear husband - cantered away without me! I received a certificate to say I'd completed the ride; the other legacy was that I could hardly walk for a week! Needless to say, that was the first and last time I've ever been on a horse. 

But I love them and think they are majestic, clever and beautiful animals. 

Grey heron at the water hazard near the fifth hole
 I love to capture the reflection as well
Little Grebe: my first in Marquard. Made me quite nostalgic thinking about the Little Grebe family we watched for three years in Tanzania
The sun making its appearance 

Never a dull moment with, or for,  the dogs
A whimsical take on the willow 

I love the long shadows at this time of the day

I knelt to snap the Verbena Aristigera (Fine-leafed Verbena) while my dog waited ahead to...

...launch his body into the air...

...and onto Eddy!
Wildflower hosting a small ant-like bug
A close-up of the dewy Verbena Aristigera 
I tried several times to get both blooms in focus - as you can see, I failed! 

I was pretty pleased with this image, though! 
A flock of birds against the early morning light
At a guess, I'd say they were Ibis although I've never seen such a large flock - OK, Grant said: Not ibis. These are geese because of the large flock and also the direction they're flying in . A new one on me - but I take his word for it! 
Walking docilely ahead of his mama - Eddy is that white speck near the white gate posts
It was still quite dark so this old car's lights flashed me as I passed
The substation silhouetted against the rising sun. 

I'm linking my post to Saturday Critters with Eileen here

Happy Saturday to you all!


  1. Enjoyed all the photos today. It's always nice to see the sun come up. Have a great weekend. xx

  2. Such wonderful walks you and the doggies take!! Beautiful scenery and SUN!! It's pouring rain AGAIN!! We're moving into the second month of endless rain!!! BUT latest weather reports are predicting sunshine after a few more wet days!!! Just the thought of sun these days makes me smile and giggle@ I hope you have a wonderful -- sunny weekend, Jo!!! Enjoy!!

  3. If it's possible to have one favourite bird, the Heron is certainly mine.

  4. Hello Jo, I hope you do not mind I linked up your post. The linky is looking different this week. What a great critter filled post. I love the horse, your sweet dogs, the flowers are lovely and great captures of the Heron and the Grebe. The sunrise looks beautiful! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  5. I love the sun rays in MY photo, also LOVE that old car.. and the inflight dog. so many pretty things to see and snap.. i would be snapping like crazy if i were with you... i vote with you, that is and ibis flock and they do fly like that. only twice i have seen a flock, once they sat down in our tree which was the first time ever to see them in a tree.

  6. Extraordinary images Jo!!
    Love the one of you kneeling down to get a good perspective of the flower blossoms and your dog's hind side ahead!! Sweet.

  7. LOVE the heron! And the beautiful blossoms!

  8. Hi, Great set of pictures... I don't know much about horses other than the fact that they are beautiful. I've only ridden once--as a teen --and that wasn't very far... Love the reflection picture with the heron.... Fantastic... And your flowers are gorgeous.. We don't have flowers blooming much here yet --but spring will be here soon.

    Your pups wouldn't enjoy our golf course much since all dogs/pets have to leashed here...


  9. Great captures! Love the dogs in the grass, playing, and the beautiful wildflowers!

  10. Awesome variety of critters! That old truck is really neat to see.


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