Thursday, February 4, 2016

Good fences, great bonding

Once again, I can't resist posting the fences and posts which I photograph on the golf course during my daily walks with the dogs. 

My nine-month old Labrador pup poses at the 17th hole. The sandstone pillar in the foreground and supporting the gate behind the dog, are iconic features in a Free State park, garden and on this course

Eddy sniffs at interesting smells under the barbed-wire fence along the golf course boundary

Skabenga and Eddy dart off to the fence where they normally find an abundance of dried cow pats - yummy snacks for dogs!

I've posted this fence post before - I love it. 
Note: it looks much larger here than the front view 
which you can see in the first photo in the post

I'm linking my post to Good Fences Thursday hosted by TexWisGirl here



  1. Beautiful captures and such fun to watch the dogs enjoying a day out, as always, I'm sure!! I hope your week is going well, Jo!! Enjoy!! And thanks for sharing the fun!!

  2. Skabenga and Eddie have such wide open spaces to run and explore, a good and wonderful life they must have. Great photos!

  3. You call him a pup ? He is a teenager now and a big one ! I don't think that he will still grow. He looks beautiful ! Your golf course has not many greens, is it still in use ?

  4. Hello, JO! I always enjoy seeing your dogs. Great fence captures, looks like a pretty sunny day for a walk. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  5. a great place to walk and run free! :) thanks for linking when you have the chance!

  6. I like that first shot... you have a bench, 2 metal gates, stone posts, wooden post and a dog... not just any dog but a big beautiful dog.. i wonder how much bigger he will get.

  7. Yuck to the snacks...Hahaaa

  8. Your dogs look to be having a blast exploring the golf course and it's fences. Can't say I like their taste in snacks though.

  9. Of dog owners I know, never a boring day! Have you ever thought on doing a meme for dogs and cats?


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