Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mixed bag of Saturday Critters

This week was rather disrupted with our trip to the neurologist on Monday followed by a visit to the orthopedic surgeon. This man scheduled bilateral Carpal Tunnel surgery on Grant for Tuesday. We returned home and drove back to the city the next morning. To cut a long story short, Grant was operated on at 7pm Tuesday night. He spent the night in hospital and the next morning after breakfast a nurse renewed his dressings and he was discharged. I drove him home...
We stopped next to this strange contraption on Monday morning. Grant said it was part of a gyro copter
On the way home on Monday, we saw the same horses crossing the same overhead bridge!
Back home on Thursday morning, Skabenga and I went for a walk on the golf course. (Eddy was missing at this stage; Ambrose will probably post about it tomorrow)
This delicate little flower (I posted a photo of the bud last week) has finally opened

This grass flower looked so pretty in the rising sun's ray's I bent down low and photographed it
Another small grass stalk with the large trees in the background
Beautiful pink flowers on a many stemmed bush
I could see Skabenga missed Eddy that morning. When I noticed the cattle at their feeding troughs, I took the dog to meet up with his bovine friends

The cattle are fat and sleek. Grant calls the ridges on the animal's back, "happy lines" Make sense...

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  1. Oh, how fun!! That Scabanga wants to meet everyone -- two and four-legged!! Such fun shots for the day, Jo!!! Thanks for the smiles and giggles -- it's been another GRAY, grumpy, wet day!! I hope all of you are enjoying a great weekend!!!

  2. I do like your cattle, in fact I like all cattle that aren't black and white.

  3. I am smiling really big, the kiss to the cow and those happy lines and those beeee u ti ful cows just made my day. isn't it wonderful how the little things in life, tiny flowers, sunshine on grass, dogs kissing cows can make us happy?

  4. oops, i got so caught up in the critters i forgot to say i am glad Grant had his surgery and is home again. love the horses on the bridge staying safe from traffic

  5. Hello Jo, I love the pretty flowers and your sweet Skabenga and the cattle. The horses walking over that bridge seems so weird to me. Wonderful post and photos. I am sure you are happy to have Grant home and the procedure done, wishing him a nice recovery time. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  6. So glad Grant had his surgery this time. Love all the photos. xx

  7. Glad that Grant's home. Strange to see horses on a bridge. I love all the amazing grasses in SA.


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