Thursday, February 18, 2016

Good fences - good crops

Taken from the moving car on the way home from the city on Tuesday.
Farm workers distributing fertilizer on the crops 

I attempted these shots last week and failed 
This week Grant slowed down and...
...I managed to get the rows of crops
A glimpse of the fence with the long rows beyond
Closer and clearer image of the fence

I'm linking to Good Fences Thursday here

Happy Thursday to you all! 


  1. nice, simple barbed-wire lines to set off the crop fields. :)

  2. the crops look wonderful and look like they benefited from your rain... the sky looks like mine yesterday. i thought of you because at 5 pm Bob said bring your camera and i got a shot of the daytime moon up over head in the blue sky.

  3. Looks like some healthy crops being grown there. We are still in the midst of Winter here----so there's not much growing YET... I can't wait to see some GREEN healthy fields around here.


  4. Oh I'm glad he slowed down. How neat to capture the rows of crops inbetween the barbed wire fencing.


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