Monday, February 15, 2016

Great [pun intended] birthday

At 63 you don't expect to be spoiled and feted on your birthday. But I was. 

Early on Saturday 13 February, 2016 I got a call from MIL. 

"Happy Birthday Jo. Now please can you come collect your gift?"

I told her it didn't suit me to go out that time, and that I'd see her on Monday. But she said I had better fetch it else it would spoil.

Rina and I went to the home, and there on MIL's bed was a large arrangement of fruit. Pawpaws, apples and bananas balanced on her dustbin lid with grapes tied up with a scrap of netting (I suspect it was part of her laundry bag!)

Kind thought, though! The gift was for me and Grant's birthday tomorrow, 16 February.

Back home as I stopped the car, Abby and Joel came running up and wished me Happy Birthday. Amanda and Angus did the same. We all had a slice of Rina's delicious chocolate cake and tea. 

As Angus and Amanda took their leave (next door) our brother-and-sister-in-law, Lourie and Celia pulled onto the driveway. Celia was carrying the biggest and most beautiful bunch of flowers. 
The cats were most interested in the flowers on the table in our entertainment area

After a glass off ice cold passion fruit juice, Lourie and Celia took their leave. 

Enter, my sweet friends, Carin and Carina. 

With a beautiful silver bracelet!

My friends know I love my garden, (flowers), cats and BLING!

 How blessed am I?

After church, Rina took me and Grant to the local restaurant for a pizza. We spent a lovely afternoon on the veranda, chatting to other patrons and generally have a good time!

So yes, even in your sixties, are you spoiled. 

Thanks too, to all my blogger friends who wished me a happy birthday. I had one! 


  1. Hello Jo, you deserved to be spoiled on your birthday. Sounds like you had a fun day! Lovely flowers and gifts. Happy Birthday to your Grant! Happy Monday, enjoy your day!

  2. wow, that is a really blessed and very HAPPY birthday.. glad you were spoiled. Happy early birthday to Grant. love the kitty pics with your lovely flowers. almost as much as the kitty on the roof video...

  3. Belated happy Birthday, so nice to be spoilt :-) Take care Diane

  4. Oh, yes!! A belated Happy Birthday indeed!! And it does look and sound as though you had a great day!! Enjoy!!

  5. I am a firm believer of being spoiled on my birthday. Yours sounds divine. Especially the passion fruit juice, which I dearly love and can't get here.

    Happy Birthday to Grant!! Hope he's going to be spoiled too.

  6. Wonderful Jo! So glad you had a such a great birthday. xx

  7. A very very happy Birthday to you ! I am sorry to be late, I must have put the date somewhere, but forgot ! It seems you had a very nice birthday and even MIL made an effort !

  8. You should always be spoiled on your birthday, no matter what your age! Hope you had a lovely day. I now have to lock my flowers in a cat-free room when I get some!


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