Monday, February 1, 2016

Scavenger Hunt Sunday #2

A recent shot which I've posted on several blog and Facebook posts which remains a firm favorite. My dog - his wet front paws visible -  waits patiently while I photograph the wildflowers! 

After a wonderful shower of rain last week, the sun came out again in time to set. I loved the pink clouds over our son, Angus and daughter-in-law's house next door. The angled roof made for an interesting photo

Tipsy, one of our five cats, sits in the window surveying the garden. I managed to capture his tail curved over the burglar bars! 

My dog, exactly nine months old today, in perfect Labrador stance. I cropped the photo which emphasizes the hairs and water droplets on his tail and legs 

The rough texture of sandstone (which is prolific in our area) on this fence pillar , 
just begged me to take a photo! 

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  1. you know i love the dog/cat pics. but that paw and flower is one you should frame and hang. i love it love it love it.

  2. Hello Jo, wonderful choices for your photo hunt. I always enjoy seeing your furbabies. I love the last scene and the pretty pink/purple sky. Happy February, enjoy your new week!

  3. Wonderful shots - especially that first one.

  4. I think you've taught the dog how to stop and smell the posies.

  5. These are super shots for the hunt-love the pets! The sandstone is interesting and perfect for texture.


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