Sunday, February 21, 2016

Some Hedges kitties and a dog

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog friends; this is Ambrose.

This week I'm not on the roof (thank goodness!) although I still climb the high tree next Mum's house and get onto that roof. But I can get down again!
Mostly I've been inside enjoying Mum's birthday flowers

Unca Shadow found a basket of dried catnip and sat in it watching Aunty Chappy
Aunty Chappy who loves catnip watched from afar
Out in the garden, Cousin Tipsy peeks through Mum's silver bushes
Out on the golf course, pup Skabenga made friends with a horse - Ewhy! I would be scared of such a big animal - good on you Skabenga

I couldn't find photos of Aunty Eddie, the other doggy and Dad Ginger. You can just see Eddy's nose in the left corner of the photo. Dad Ginger was at home, asleep.

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  1. Ah, looks like you guys are having the usual great weekend!! You have more fun than I do!!!

  2. Our Freddie was up on the roof again last night, knocking on the Velux window asking to be let in (2 am). I don't allow him to come in because otherwise he'd do it every night. He comes in at 5.30 am when I get up; and not before.

  3. All such beautiful captures!!

  4. i just love it when you show all your sweet sweet kitties and dogs and horses and cows. oh my..


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