Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My world these days

These days my life is quite a mish-mash of events. Although, in between and every day (except yesterday as we had to go to the city), I take the dogs to the golf course. This has become the highlight of the canines' lives and, not least,  my favorite part of the day. 

However, in between we share birthdays with friends and generally keep things going here at home and in the garden.
Rina and I off to a friend's mother's 85th birthday party. Skabenga got in on the act as well! 

And of course, the walks on the golf course: 

Skabenga, panting from his run with Eddy, 
watches as Mama photographs the grasses and flowers
We watch the sun come up over Marquard
He posed beautifully when I asked him to !
Is this my good side, Mum?

On Sunday morning Grant and I joined a group of other Marquard bikers on a breakfast run. This was our first ride since September...
...and would be our last for several weeks as Grant was going for hand surgery

I mentioned to a few Blogger friends (on Facebook) that we'd be in the city on Monday. Grant was due to see the orthopedic surgeon who would perform Carpel tunnel surgery on Grant. 

We were at the doctor's rooms by 10. He sent Grant to a neurologist in the basement of the hospital building for a nerve test. The receptionist said: 
 "Our machine is in for service;  I can book you in on Thursday"

What could we do or say? We have a 320km round trip to see the doctor and have to return. Oh well. 

So, no! Grant didn't have said surgery. And I'm not in Bloemfontein for the next few days. We're back in Marquard and as this post is aired, the dogs and I will be on the golf course enjoying the first hour of the day.
The trip to and from the city was a pleasure; the surrounding farm lands and paddocks along the freeway are lush and green. The animals are fat and sleek. Life's good ! 

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  1. Ah, and a busy world yours is indeed, Jo!! Ah, that Skabenga is such a handsome young fellow!! Love your captures of him!! Have a great week -- what's left of it!!

  2. Oh such a nuisance for you to have to return so far for the surgery. But as you say 'what can be done'. Just best to keep a stiff upper lip in these cases.

    I was thinking about you today and wondering if you find it much busier in SA for you personally than you did in Tanzania or Kenya? Or did you find it busier there since you had several staff to manage and projects to get involved in?

    You and Rina look like you are biological sisters in the photo you've shared. I like it. I also like the photo of Skabenga near the flower. It looks like he has stopped to "smell the roses".

    Blessings and hugs. xx

  3. sorry you made that trip for nothing and have to go again. tell Skabenga he has no BAD side in my book. i love the one where he looks like he is going to bite that flower.. he is so beautiful.

  4. Hello Jo, sorry about the delay on Grant's surgery! I just love your Skabenga, he is a beautiful dog. Such a pretty lab face! Great shot of you and Rina! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week ahead!

  5. Skabenga has gotten so big. Bonus to have the golf course nearby for a morning walk/run. Bummer about Grant's surgery being put off but at least it's a nice drive.

  6. Lovely sunset - and some fabulous posing :) #ourworldtuesday


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