Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life on the water

This week I had fun on the golf course trying to get pictures of the water birds on the hazard at the fifth hole. 

A family of Yellow-billed Duck

Overall darkish plumage; bright yellow bill and  green speculum distinctive

Skabenga gave the ducks a fright; they flew up and away and I managed to capture them against the rosy dawn sky
I'm sorry these images aren't too clear. This is a Little Grebe
In decent light, the Little Grebe sides and front of neck is dark rufous-chestnut.
 The pale-grey gape-spot is distinctive

Red-knobbed Coot
The Red-knobbed Coot has an all-black plumage; white bill and frontal shield conspicuous

In a dead tree above the dam, a Grey Heron sat quietly
The Grey Heron perched on a branch, looks most different to the same heron standing on the water's edge

I'm linking my post to Wild Bird Wednesday here

May you all enjoy the rest of the week! 


  1. Hello Jo, you see a nice variety of birds at the golf course. I like the yellow-billed ducks! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week!

  2. Love the ducks silhouette against the pink sky. Diane

  3. Love the ducks silhouette against the pink sky. Diane

  4. mother sometimes called daddy and old coot... nothing like these though. i thought you had purchased water front property ... love the IBS in the first shot.. oops GEESE.. and these really are. he he he

  5. Nice lot of birds on the golf course.

  6. Looks like you got to play in the rain. Nice bird sightings.


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