Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Wife of Noble Character

My husband and me on our wedding day in 1972

A wife of noble character … is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing … Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her (Proverbs 31:10-11, 28).

This chapter in the Bible was written at a time when women had almost no rights. The woman in Proverbs was well ahead of her time – she was independent, self-sufficient and intelligent. There was also a special relationship between this woman and her husband. We read that he admired her and had confidence in her.
My husband and me in March this year - I thank God for 37 wonderful years together
There are two aspects in particular that make a marriage flourish: admiration and trust. If you show your husband that you still admire and trust him, the love between the two of you will grow from year to year. If your husband can see from your behaviour towards him that you trust him, he will be much more inclined to act responsibly. And don’t forget to tell him how special he is to you!

In his book, “His Needs, Her Needs”, Willard F Harley writes that the five most important needs that a man expects his wife to meet are sexual fulfilment, friendship, attractiveness, homemaking and admiration.
Your husband is therefore intently looking for love and admiration – give it to him and let your children become aware of it. This will definitely do you marriage a world of good.

Source: Beside Springs of Water – Nina Smit


  1. Jo, you two were and are still adorable. You look like you were about 12 in your wedding picture!!
    It's so wonderful that you and DH are so close after 37 years. I can only hope DH & I will follow your lead.

  2. Jo, how wonderful that you and your husband still have that kind of relationship after so many years of marriage. You are a wonderful example to us all. Thanks for writing this.


  3. Aw, Dedene: you are so sweet! We were very young (I was only 19 and he 21!) but we wanted to be married!I pray for all couples that I know, so I trust you and your dh make "old" bones together! Thanks for visiting. (((Hugs)))

    Thanks Jackleen;) It's a ongoing WIP and only possible with God's grace and love, as you can imagine. Thanks for your kind words. Bless you.

  4. You have the right idea, very Biblical, things can still go wrong ofcause, but I am sure such values make a difference. Your a good example.

  5. Hi Glennis;) nice to see you again! Thanks for the kind comments. Yes, living according to God's will, often makes you a prime target for Satan and his wiles. You have to be faithful to your beliefs and trust God to help you out of trials and temptations. I couldn't live without the Lord though and find He is so faithful and caring and blesses us abundantly. Hugs from Jo xxx

  6. Lovely photographs!


  7. Hi, Jo -- I've just discovered your blog and love the photos of Africa. What a beautiful continent!

    Also enjoyed the 1972 photo of your wedding day. Hubby and I married in 1974 and were about the same age as you two - I was 19 and he was 22. We will celebrate our 35th anniversary Aug. 31st.

    Nice to "meet" you.

  8. Hi GG;) thanks!

    Hi Nan Keltie;) welcome to my blog and for your comments. Yes, Africa is a wonderful continent. My 1972 wedding photos were placed under sticky pages in an album which does not age well. Congratulations on your 35th wedding anniversary. I'm off to visit your blog.

  9. HI Jo, this is wonderful. Both of you looks still gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


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