Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rose garden update

For those readers who know me, I don't normally garden with anything exotic, especially not roses. But arriving here in Kenya and working alongside Stanley in the garden, I noticed a bed of old, neglected roses. So I rose to the challenge and with Stanley we removed all the extra shrubs in this bed, I pruned each bush to within an inch of it's life (excuse the pun) dug in mulch, watered well and sat back. Then in rained. And rained. And rained. Amen! Within a week, there are bushes with new growth, tiny buds and bright green leaves.

A few days after tidying the old, neglected rose bed in my garden, this bush rewarded us with a bloom.
Isn't it the softest pink bloom ever? Please note that some of the leaves have been eaten by something (holes visible) and no, I will not be spraying the roses with pesticides or any chemical to eradicate the bugs. I will live and let live with my rose garden

New growth and strong young shoots appeared on the rose bushes within a week applying TLC !

While out birding on Tuesday evening (yes, we've started going into the bush after work to look for birds !), Grant dug out a few aloes for my garden. When in flower, these will afford the many sunbirds in my garden with precious nectar


  1. I'm glad you found the rose bush. It looks so healthy! Just perfect. Is it one of the fragrant ones? We won't have flowers for at least 2 more months here.

  2. Wow Jo.... You have the magic touch with that rose bush... I'm impressed.... I'm sure it bloomed JUST for you... Congrats!!!!!!

    I have an aloe plant inside my home.. We break off a stem and use it for burns or something.. Works GREAT.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I seem to have a connection with kenyan People. In January, I met a Kenyan woman working in a women refuge shelter. i told her of my students and the charity I used to work for.

    Are you living in Kenya now?

  4. What a wonderful reward the rose. You have a magic touch with the plants,and all life.

  5. Ol' Mrs Green Thumb strikes again. Well done.

  6. How wonderful that the rain is helping your rose bushes along. Isn't it so wonderful to see beautiful roses after a short time of good care and natural rain and sun?

  7. I bet the perfume from these roses will be the sweetest, ever! After all the love you've given them, they have no option but to repay you in kind! You are just like my Mum and me...we cannot go anywhere without creating or improving and adding to a garden. Things are looking wonderful since you arrived, Jo!!!

  8. Exotic??Hahaa....Wow! What different worlds we live in! Roses are Everywhere here in Texas....and the US.
    Try mixing a couple of teaspoons of liquid dish soap (Dawn is what I use) to a gallon of water and spray it on the plant for bug control...Check it weekley for insects...
    Love the photos!!

  9. Jo, congrats all your hard work and a green thumb rewards you beautiful roses. I love your new header and the bird.


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