Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A major clean - out

On Monday morning I had a major spring-clean.  I have two stores (pantries/larders) in my house; one leads off the kitchen  and another off the passage leading to the bedrooms. In my kitchen store, I re-arranged all my flours, (I use whole-wheat flour, chapatti flour, brown bread flour, white flour and mandazi flour, which is like cake flour ). They were still in their packaging and I've been concerned about dudu's (weevils) and decanted all the flours into plastic containers. I also emptied the cat pellets into separate containers and marked them, In this household we have Ginger, an older cat with discerning tastes who prefers Whiskas for Senior Cats. Shadow who will only eat one type of kibbles, Fiskies, Ocean Fish Flavour and the baby, Ambrose, is still on Go Cat Kitten Complete! I also put my breakfast cereals into containers.  (I like a variety of Bran Flakes, Hi-Fibre Bran, Muesli anmd Oats)

Stanley sanded the sides of my sideboard drawers which have been sticking for the past seven months. So the dining table was piled with place mats, rubber snakes - which we used to try and scare the monkeys  hoping to keep them away from the fruit trees but it didn't work - and plug adaptors, batteries, cat medication matches and table linen. I tidied those drawers too.

The house-store in the passage is still piled with empty boxes, newspapers, shopping bags, Naomi’s plastic dishes for doing the laundry, containers of soap powder, pegs and our bathroom toiletries. It’s a mess and although I'd much rather sit at my computer or wander around the garden, camera in hand,  I need to complete this task today!
 Ambrose was fascinated by, and rather nervous of the rubber snake in the pile of goods from the sideboard draw. The cats caused the rumpled tablecloth and general disarray in this pile

 Stanley testing the drawers after sanding them

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy day cleaning, Jo... Didn't comment but I did enjoy all of your weekend posts... I read them on the weekend but don't post many comments. That way I have more time for other things --like my Family History..

    The kitties didn't know what to do with those snakes, did they???? Cute!


  2. Ambrose is so cute!
    I'm glad I've got six months or more until spring cleaning around here. LOL
    Hi to Grant, and love to all the cats plus yourownself.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. You are so ambitious. I could use some of that motivation to get organized in the RV.

  4. That rubber snake looks very real!

  5. I need a clear out in my larder...

    I hope Ambrose doesn't start to think all snakes are as inactive as that plastic one.

  6. Ah well, only two days to Spring, no wonder you are hoeing into spring cleaning. How long did your kitty play with the snake? We used to have them in the trees to scare the birds . . . didn't work.

    Glad you got everything into plastic, it does help sometimes in hot conditions. The best option is to keep your dry goods in the fridge to stop weevils.

    Great post Jo, wish I had some help too.

  7. The rubber snakes were not necessary for us. I killed a green Mamba in our garden in Kilimani, Nairobi!!! I enjoyed reading about your cleaning the stores and putting things in plastic containers. We went to Kenya with numerous pieces of Tupperware - which were MOST helpful! My bro-in-law always put out rubber snakes around his Cherokee 180 as a deterrent to mice and to men! ☻

  8. I am already tired when I read what you have all done ! Fortunately the cats helped you, lol !

  9. HiJo,I have one of those drawers too in the kitchen where everything without a permanent home lives! It is the first place I look for anything and probably the last place to actually FIND anything.
    I also take my tea/coffee outside to browse the garden and ignore the housework!

  10. Well I think that rubber snake looks like fun as Well!!Hahaaaa

  11. Hi Jo, I do so envy you with your two pantries! It does take a bit of effort to get them organized but putting everything into tightly covered containers is something that really needs to be done.

    So nice that you have help. Can you please send Stanley and Naomi over when they're done. I have some projects ;-) The cats look like they're having lots of fun exploring.

    Thanks for dropping by my tour of northern BC. Hugs xx

  12. I'm glad you're with us. You sure have been busy! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

  13. ONe thing, I am not too crazy about is cleaning. Good thing my hubby is around to help. Have a great weekend, Jo!

  14. This reminded me of emptying all the cupboards and drawers for my kitchen remodel. But it is nice to have everything well-organized when you put all the stuff back into the cupboards and drawers! The cat and snake incident is funny.

  15. Calling by from Our World Tuesday, I am delighted to be part of this community and look forward to sharing photos with you and getting to know your part of the world. Your life sounds interesting I am going to be following your blog to learn more.

  16. You sure a re a very busy man doing all those cleaning stuff. How about sharing some advice on how to remove burnt stain on kitchen countertops?


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