Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A new Garden

Yesterday (Monday) morning, Sue and I took gardeners Stanley and Beatrice to the office to help us start a garden. We'd also taken a huge pile of plants and shrubs from both our gardens. When we arrived, I realised that the level of the area was sunken and asked the Stanley and Beatrice to shovel soil from the mound of ground above the plot. Sue phoned the safety officer who brought half a dozen people from the environmental department to help us. To show them how high the level should be, I used a pick (no-one thought to bring a rake) to drag the piles of sand to the centre and edges of the garden. Soon two of the ladies were doing the same while three men and another lady also shovelled soil from the bank above.

I continued to help them for about twenty minutes (back-breaking work!); I then fetched the plants from the back of the vehicle. Sue, Beatrice and Stanley (who had come down from the bank having shovelled sufficient soil) quickly sorted the perennials, shrubs, succulents and small flowering plants. While one of the two ladies, who had helped me level the bed,  dug holes, I inserted the plant and the other covered it and pressed down the soil. Behind me, Sue was doing the same with our two gardeners.

Following our example, up on the bank above the garden, three men were planting aloes, ferns, mother-in-law-tongue (I prefer the latin name of the latter plant: Sanserveria)  with hen-and-chickens and gazanias in between. At one point the Safety Officer was on his knees planting day lily bulbs and agapanthas while his 2IC, planted bulbines in between. It was hard work, but great fun with lighthearted banter which I'm sure, made the enviromental workers feel as though they weren't actually doing a job! In less than two hours we had finished planting up the bed, we stood back and took photos. Then Sue and I applauded our helpers! A true case of many hands make light work.

As you can imagine, tonight my shoulders, wrists, arms are very stiff  not to speak of the blisters on my hands! I will continue more of "my world" tomorrow, but for now wanted to share this project with you.

Stanley shovelling soil from the bank above onto the garden below. Beatrice was doing the same on the other side of the bank

Once we started planting, everyone got into the spirit of the occassion. Here the safety officer knuckles down and plants agapanthas and lily bulbs, while his 2IC plants bulbines in between 

The top of the bank is planted up as well to prevent soil erosion

The garden planted up. It was after midday when we finished so the photos are light

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  1. Very nice, Jo. Looks like you got lots of people involved in that project... Can't wait to see the garden as it grows!!!

  2. Wow! That is a garden that took many hands. I can't wait to see it in full colour and health. Well done.

  3. I love how you promote and help gardens grow wherever you live. Great job on everyone's part.

  4. You're wonderful, Jo. I'm looking forward to seeing photos the garden as it grows, too.
    Luv, K

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  5. Well done! I, too, cannot wait to see this garden once it's become established within the next couple of months, or probably a lot less than that, in that climate where everything grows like a weed :)

    I love these projects you set yourself and, by creating beautiful gardens, your love for Kenya will live on for a long time after you've left!

  6. What a great project. Thanks for sharing. I hope you send us pictures later on as it matures and fills in. Thanks

  7. I love the way you leave green footsteps wherever you go. Great job!

  8. You did a beautiful job. And, it's great that you got some work out of the safety officer.

  9. A hard days work which will reward you in a few weeks. Show us how it develops.

  10. Hi Jo,what a great project to get underway.It will brighten up what is probably a dull and overlooked corner. I like the way you planted up the top of the bank to prevent soil erosion, you have to take so much into account when gardening in those conditions.
    You leave a trail of colour behind you!

  11. It is wonderful to have so many people helping on one project like this garden. I'm sure it will be beautiful too. Wonderful post and photos, Jo.

  12. Hi Jo! Looks like a "Tom Sawyer" project to me! I'm sure all the people and light-hearted bantering made for an enjoyable project - until the arms, legs, shoulders and back began hurting in the evening!! ☻ Beautiful job.

  13. A wonderful project, Jo! Look forward to seeing the garden when it fills in a bit...:)

  14. That looks like lot of work, but won't it look beautiful soon!! When you're working with others an talking and singing, the time flies by.


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