Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kenyan cats well and happy

To all who're confused as to my recent travels, we flew from Kenya to South Africa on leave at the beginning of September. We spent two days in our home in the Free State.

On Wednesday, 8 September we loaded our motorbike and rode down to the Cape to see the flowers and to meet up with friends along the way. After a round trip of more than 3200kms, we arrived back home in the Free State on Thursday 15th September.

The next day, Friday, 16 September, we drove to the city to do our last minute shopping. Saturday Grant and I popped around and visited/greeted friends in town. After this, we took our dogs for a run on the golf course. Back home, I bonded with my SA cats. Later that afternoon, I packed my suitcase (which, to my husband's horror, was slapped with a "heavy" sticker at the airport, LOL!)  

After church on Sunday, Angus and Amanda took us to Bloemfontein airport;  we flew to Johannesburg, overnighted there and the next morning boarded the South African Airways flight for Nairobi.

We landed in Kenya at 14h15 and after collecting our luggage, had a three hour wait in the domestic departure hall. After a 30 minute flight, we landed in Eldoret at about 19h15 where our driver met us and drove us down the mountain to our house in the valley.

And this is where I'll be for the next three months or more...


  1. Glad you're back online, Jo.
    I love the look on Ambrose's face. "Are you really here, Mom?"
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. It's been a busy time for you while away. I'm sure you enjoyed yourself. Now catch your breath at your second home. The cats, the staff, the house helpers, the children, are all glad to see you. I see you travel like me when you go away

  3. Oh my friend, I did not envy you the last portion of your journey. I say that because I don't see how you could have reached your destination before dark. Driving that last 20kms in the dark would be a harrowing experience. I'm thankful you made it safely. Welcome home.

  4. Love your kities and I am glad all was well with them while you were away. I love traveling but it can be tiring after awhile. Especially dealing with the the airports.

  5. OMG ! what a trip ! aren't you tired ?? after such "holidays" ??

  6. You sure had a busy vacation. Glad you got to take a road trip on the bike and visit with friends and family. Bet it's nice to be "home" and maybe relax for a bit.

    Looks like Grant could have used a hair cut too. ;)

  7. **Whew** You've had a whirlwind few weeks lately! The SA cats look content and well-cared-for.


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