Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pre-primary School Graduation Day

Two weeks ago I mentioned that we baked for and attended  a school function: the Pre-unit Graduation Day.  Here this school is often referred to as Baby School. The government desires that a child attends school from the age of three. The first year he/she is in nursery school, then intermediate then in the Pre-unit school from which he/she graduates to primary school (which is also referred to as "big" school!)

The day started off with entertainment by the little ones. The pigeons and a couple of chickens joined in the fun. One of the stalwart teachers had been on the premises since 5.30 organizing gazeboes, hanging decorations and was exhausted by the time the festivitities began!

Pat-a-cake, Three Blind Mice and Twinkle Twinkle little Star : songs known all over the world!

Receiving awards, being capped and gowned and listening to the guest speaker

At last it was time for treats!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. The day must have required such a lot of preparation and planning, from making all those colourful costumes to decorating and baking all the colourful eats. It was a feast for the eyes with so much colour and you have told a lovely photo story, Jo. What a memorable occasion for all who participated. Big hug xo

  2. Well done to all! The poor teacher look absolutely exhausted but she is certainly decked out for the occasion. I'm sure she will appreciate a rest.

    The children all look great and the cakes and cupcakes look so festive. Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  3. How wonderful that the government does something for children's education ! Usually in these African countries they try to keep the people ignorant so they can exploit them better !
    Here too the baby school starts for 3 years old kids, (it's called Kindergarten, or "maternelle" (in French)

  4. Wonderful post and photos. Congrats to all the children.

  5. Those little children are just adorable! I love their school uniforms and happy smiles! The spread of food reminds me of colorful Easter eggs! Thanks, Jo, for always giving us a view from your side of our world!

  6. Jo, what a fiesta! It looks like a lot of work went into the celebration. It makes school sound like fun and would be an incentive to continue. Great idea.
    (Thanks for leaving a comment on Mandu's blog!)

  7. How cute all though it does seem a bit ridiculous having caps and gowns. I feel for the teacher. Been there done that. A lovely colourful day. The children are so cute. Is English the national language?

  8. Do these teachers and leaders know how blessed they are to have you with your culinary skills? I'll bet that the children do! What a beautiful table of "keki". "Tamu! Tamu sana, Mama. Asante."


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