Monday, November 28, 2011

Year end function for teachers

Last week we arranged and attended the annual dinner for the company school teachers and staff. The evening  started off with everyone relaxing on the veranda with snacks and sodas.

The teachers enjoy an evening at the Guest House with snacks and sodas for starters

I'd arranged with Caroline, Head Teacher to ask the ladies to dress traditionally. There are many different tribes  in Kenya each with their own traditional dress.  Of course, the ladies rose to occasion in fine style and had us Mzungus (foreigners) oohing and aahing over each outfit as the guests arrived. (We later asked the expat men to judge the outfits and handed out prizes for the top three)

Class 3 teacher, Abigail arrived looking like a queen. Isn't she just stunning? Readers might recognize the fascinator in her hair. She lent it to me for the year -end function last week. As we welcomed the guests at the front door, Grant greeted Abigail and told her she looked very beautiful. He also said he reconized the "feathers in her hair"!  PS Abigail was the exhausted teacher on my post here

After the snacks and soda, it was time for games. The first game we'd arranged was to blindfold the teachers and place a pencil and sheet of paper in their hands. They had to draw their own faces. Lots of giggles and comments as they proceeded to produce their self-portraits!
The contestants draw their own faces while blindfolded. Then we asked the men to judge the [hilarious] results. Prizes were given for first, second and third choices!

Next game was one they didn't know but soon caught onto: musical chairs. We'd arranged chairs on the lawn and with a mobile, Sharda controlled the music. There was so much laughing and jostling, that they couldn't hear the music. So it was down to me to holler: No! The music is still going or STOP, it's finished! Then there was a great rush to find the nearest chair. We didn't know the teachers were so competitive until they played musical chairs.

My camera didn't get good shots in the dark but I'm sure you get the idea! In the last photo on the left, you'll see how some of the men had already sat down while the music was on. So I'd have to get them to moving again, only to have Sharda stop the music and I'd  shout STOP again. Quite chaotic, but LOADS of fun!

Hereafter the teachers repaired to the easy chairs on the veranda for a breather and a couple of sodas. Sharda, I, the two chefs - Wheatcliffe and Caro - and helper, Elizabeth, (who'd all been watching the musical chairs) returned to the kitchen to continue with the preparation of dinner.

Things well under control in the kitchen, we returned to the veranda to ask the teachers if they were ready for the last game. Of course they were! This game involved the expat men as well. Handing out neckties to each of the ladies, and by means of a draw, they had to tie these onto the man they'd drawn. Easy? No, I think not! They were only allowed to use one hand. Try it. (I haven't yet, but it looks near impossible!)

Uh-oh Jane,  do I spy two hands making tying that tie onto Nick?

Deputy Head-teacher, Mr Mongushu (who kindly doubled as a woman) manages to tie the knot on Johan with one hand. Or did he? Where is Johan's right hand? The rules of this game, was basically no rules! Lol!
From l-r: Kempoi, company driver, Plant Manager and Sharda's husband, Kumar and Mr Mahe, a visiting engineer from India enjoying the tie-tying competition

After this fun game, the teachers formed groups and entertained us with ethnic song and dance. It's fascinating how the African will band together, and within minutes break into song, harmonizing, swaying and dancing in unison as if they'd been practising for weeks!
Art teacher, Mr Ogola (second from left) and his song group enjoying their performance

From l-r, Pre-primary school Head- teacher Monica, Std 5 teacher, Monica Yegon , Antonina, IT teacher and Kempoi really get into the swing of their song and dance!

Once all the prizes had been handed out and the teachers had had another short rest after their ethnic show, it was finally dinnertime. Wheatcliffe and Caro had excelled themselves as usual with a selection of barbequed meats, vegetable korma, chickpea and spinach with paneer cheese, roast potatoes, chapati, papadums, rice and salads. Silence reigned while everyone tucked into the delicious fare. For dessert Caro had made a zucchini and chocolate pudding, delicious fruit salad, both of which were served with ice-cream.

A successful evening was had by all!  


  1. Zucchini and chocolate pudding? It sounds like the answer to a maiden's prayer, Jo. Vegetable healthiness and chocolate deliciousness together!
    It certainly seems everyone had a wonderful time.
    So did I. I went to Vancouver today (I'm in BC visiting my family) to have lunch with old friends, and then I met a new friend for coffee -- none other than Joyful Penny! It was super. I'm sure she'll send you photos of each of us. Everyone else in the coffee house was busy watching the final Canadian football game of the season (Vancouver won) so we didn't get pictures of us together. I'm sure we'll meet again. She told me of her visit with you and how much she enjoyed meeting you. I hope I can do the same some day.
    Luv, K

  2. Another fun packed and full evening. It looks like everyone had a great time! A wonderful way to end the year with memories for all. Hugs. xx

  3. That looks so interesting! Such a nice way to get to know the teachers and workers and their customs and culture. I think that's the best part of being in a different place!

  4. You all had a fun evening. It was well organised. Well done. It is great to see all nations and tribes enjoying life together in the heart of Africa.

  5. Wow ! what a celebration ! No doubt that you all had a lot of fun !!

  6. Thank you, Jo! For a memorable read today while I'm recuperating from the surgery. I'm not able to sit long at the desk - but enjoyed this wonderful event with you.

  7. Hi There, We are home from our trip. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    I have enjoyed reading your latest posts on the 'end of school' festivities... I love this post --featuring the teachers...

    I just love the way that all of the teachers and students are SO loved and SO appreciated... That doesn't happen much in this country.


  8. This looks like everyone had a ball! What fun. I liked seeing the teachers dancing. What a wonderful end-of-year treat for the teachers and all who attended.


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