Sunday, November 25, 2012

Where's our mum?

Hi Bozo, last week I, Ginger jumped onto the top of our cat-tree. I never go up there as I'm rather unfit and [according to some] too heavy to get up high. But I wanted to prove a point: our yoomens are away again, but we won't stress - we will be well-cared for by Regina and Pendo and soon our mum will be back in Tanzania again... 

Well, let's hope so.

 Meanwhile, Shadow is grooming himself; it seems he's not too concerned about where "she" is - for now anyway.  
 Ambrose as usual tried to sneak into the travel bag before they left but mum took a snapshot of him and that was that. He's also here waiting...

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  1. It surely isn't much fun when our yoomens go away, is it!! My Mom is going away for Christmas, but she's taking me with her!!!! Hooray!!!

    Hope yours come home soon!!

    Sam Schnauzer

  2. Wow, bravo for Ginger, away up there to prove a point.
    Shadow does look unconcerned but I'm sure it's just a pose.
    And Ambrose look SO unhappy. When my cat Hermie was young, he used to look like that when my youngest brother went away, but he didn't care when I left, because Rob was his main man! It was like Lindy, who loves Dick best. Animals make up their own minds, don't they?
    We're in Budapest today, flying home tomorrow if the fog clears.
    E you soon. Luv, K

  3. You all be good now while your mum is away.

  4. They will miss their Mum. Cute kitties!


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