Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mum's back! Life's good!

Good morning Bozo and all mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose after a L O N G time! 

Mum and her friends were at the pool last night (while dad and his friends watched people running around a BIG space with a funny-looking ball). So I managed to get onto her laptop and post again.
Mum and friends at the pool (Photo taken by Rosie the barmaid)

Mum posts reflections today, so I found a photo of water with light reflections.

 Light reflections through the water (Photo by Auntie Louise)

Of course, with the yoomens out of the way, I found another cat on mum's laptop. Mmm. She looks quite fat! And her name is Chappie. Because we haven't heard or smelled her here, she must live in another place. Mum always does a post with shadows (Hey? is that the same word as Unca Shadow?)
Mum and dad's other cat, Chappie in a faraway place

There is also a photo of Unca Shadow with a shadow on the wall. Whoo-hoo, I'm getting SO clever, I 'll be a good germalist soon!

Unca Shadow with a shadow on the wall behind him

The other day, a man came to visit on a motorbike. We've had this man (a aminal doctak) work on us too. But that was L O N G ago, so I've already forgotten the pain. This time he came to give Topsy and Tipsy a prashun. (What's a prashun?) They were very sleepy for two days so the house was peaceful. Now they're normal again but much more quieter than before. Perhaps mum will take me into their room to play again soon. 
Oh and I heard dad say their names have changed. Topsy is now Jess and Tipsy is Blackie.
 Jess and Blackie after their prashuns 
Oh yawn. I'm off to sleep on our day bed with Mama Chui/Tiger, Unca Shadow and Dad Ginger. Purrs to you all. 

Note: Real blog owner's insert: For more cute pet posts, please click here

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  1. Oh purrrdy cats what wonderful eyes you have!
    Glad all will be back to normal rally soon.

  2. Ambose you have a lot of feline friends at your place.

  3. HI Lovely shot of the fountain. Of course the light is great in that photos.

  4. Nice reflections ! Your cats are so cute, too !

  5. Beautiful cat models...Great photos...I like so much the fountain...

  6. Love the reflection and the kitties!

  7. Hey Ambrose you sure are good at blogging!!


  8. nice post with lots of joy !

  9. Love you, Ambrose, and your Unca Shadow and Dad Ginger, too.
    I'm sure I'm going to love Jess and Blackie.
    Hugs and cuddles,
    Auntie Kay in Alberta, Canada

  10. the kitties are the shadow shot on the chair!!

  11. Always love to hear form your kitty friends, Ambrose!! And what a great blogger you're getting to be!! Hope all of you are having a great weekend!!


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