Sunday, May 30, 2010

Khartoum: More babies!

Never a dull moment in the Hedges family and household...

The budgies' cage is suspended on an elbow attached to the wall of our office-cum-living-and-dining room

Sweet Pea, the blue budgie in the seed trough, fills up on seeds

What a fortnight it's been. First, in the middle of May, we acquired a baby cat. You can read about this here if you wish. During that period we realised that Sweet Pea (the blue budgie sitting in the seed trough above) had laid three eggs. You can read about this here, if you wish.

Then on 21 May we received a phone call from our older son, John to say that our newest grandchild, a boy, had made an early appearance. They were 1000km/625miles from home and their regular doctor and clinic when this happened. You can read about this here. (BTW, our grandbaby has gained enough weight and with his parents and siblings, is on his way  to our house in the Free State)

On Thursday, 27 May I peeped into the nestbox while momma budgie was filling up on seed, and viola, there were FIVE eggs!

On Friday night I was sitting at the dining room table dealing with Grant's administration, when I heard soft, squeaking sounds above my head. Clutching my torch, I climbed onto a dining chair (the cage hangs against the wall on an elbow since Shadow's arrival) and aimed the beam into the nest. At that moment, Sweet Pea , who doesn't allow me to check in the nest if she can help it, stood up and I had a glimpse of a teeny, completely hairless little bird. Sweetpea had her beak over his and was obviously feeding it. Grant has checked up on the Internet (what would we do without Google?) and we now know that the female feeds the babies her crop milk until three weeks. Then the father steps in and helps with feeding them seeds!

Meanwhile Rambo spends a lot of time eating and then chatting up the pretty bird in the mirror. He loves it when Sweet Pea emerges from the nest and spends ages allopreening and feeding her. I suppose in human terms, this translates into taking flowers and fruit to your spouse in the maternity ward...

An empty eggshell is just visible in the nest is proof that Sweet Pea's wing is concealing the newly hatched baby budgie

Grant has attached an extra suspended birdfeeder near the nest entrance. Google suggested we do this and I'd bought one in South Africa while out there in March. However, Rambo seems to be using it more than the new mommy bird...
Our next purchase here will be a bigger cage...

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  1. It's like a new babybed..... When the 'baby' comes, you have to buy a new bed.... Same is true for your birdie babies... They will need a larger cage....

    Be sure and keep Shadow AWAY from the birds.. ha

    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs and CONGRATS on MORE new babies!!!!

  2. so much of excitement!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pet Pride

  3. Hi Rambo,
    sai un grazioso uccello colorato !!!
    happy day.

  4. Jo: Great to see the cycle of life, I hope to see the baby real soon.

  5. Wow, can't wait to see those birdie babies.

  6. Caged parakeets (as we call them here in the US) giving birth in captivity - I've never heard of this before! Imagine a marvelous happening! You can join Shadow Shot Sunday by visiting Tracy at Hey Harriet. this is the link: Shadow Shot Sunday

  7. How exciting! Lots of babies! And I think you will need a new cage!! Can't wait to see the babies!

    Sam and Mojo

  8. How exciting! I'm so pleased a baby bird has hatched. Good to hear that your small grandson is doing so well, too.

  9. Hi Betsy:) Yes, a new cage is in the pipeline. Thanks for always visiting. Hugs Jo

    Thanks Bozo

    Hi Osadi;) Rambo says thanks!

    Hi Tom, if all goes well, there'll be five babies!

    Hi Eden, Sweet Pea is SO protective. I hardly get a look-see!

    Hi Mary;) I've also heard that these birds don't breed in captivitiy. Well,the family saying goes that under the care of my hubby and me, everything thrives! Thanks for the link.

    Hi Sylvia:) I'll be sure to photograph the babies the minute I can see them!

    Hi Jabblog: Good to see you! Thanks for visiting and the kind wishes of our new baby grandson

  10. Your life is so full of new life. How fun to be able to watch the budgie's babies.


  12. Thanks Gaelyn;) from what I managed to glimpse in the nest, the babies are TEEEENY. Little pink blobs. Today Sweet Pea got the better of me everytime. I couldn't see anything except her wing and one beady eye as she glared over her shoulder at me.

    Hi Ida;) hulle gaan so cute wees!

  13. I have never seen one of these babies.
    Hope you can get some photos one of these days.

  14. So sweet. It'll be fun to watch them grow up.

  15. My goodness, what a busy month!
    My Grandfather used to raise budgies in England, my Mother always had one, in fact, she brought one with her when we came to America back in the '50's.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the babies.
    ☼ Sunny
    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog, we had a nice quiet holiday weekend :)


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