Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Family fun

On our first full weekend home, John, Debbie and children passed through Marquard and stopped off overnight with us. They were on their way from their home in the Drakensberg to Mozambique where John works at sea, while Debbie and children stay in Beira. 

We collected Grant's mum from the Retirement center and brought her home to have lunch. Angus and Amanda and children also arrived - from next door - for lunch.
John travels from Kwa - Zulu Natal to Mozambique in a Landcruiser loaded to the hilt with canoe, fuel, luggage and children
Joel tells his aunt Debbie a long story...
Seven of our nine precious grandchildren eating peanut butter sandwiches and sipping sodas

Joel holds court with his cousins while Abby and Bethany enjoy quality girl time

I'd partly roasted a lamb rib in the oven which Angus later grilled to brown, crispy perfection over the coals. Rina and I made rice, roast potatoes and vegetables to go with the meat. 

The seven older grandchildren enjoying Gran's Sunday lunch

Of course, Granny Jo had to gather everyone around for a family photo. What a task! As soon as you say Group Photo to my family, everyone seems to have something else to do. Eventually we had all sitting or standing in a group and Rina took several photos. 
Grant, me, our children and grandchildren with MIL, Pam in the center

John and family left for Mozambique before daybreak on Monday. It's amazing how they corral the children into different parts/seats in the vehicle. And how good the children are! 

A few days later, Grant made his special curry chicken recipe which we carried over to Angus' house next door. 
Abby (3 next week) and her littlest brother, Liam
While I cuddled Liam (no photo!) the children crowded around Rina
Often during the week, Liesbet brings the children over for a visit. Here all three enjoy refreshments on Granny's patio

Grant did some running repairs on Joel's aeroplane while Joel watches from his perch on the stool. Abby's interest waned after a few minutes and she returned to us ladies sitting under the awning

On Friday night I invited Angus, Amanda and children over for cooked dinner. Rina and I made a shepherds pie, rice and vegetables which we served on the patio. 
Joel watches his little brother, Liam - five weeks old- 
as Rina chucks him under the chin
He even turned and smiled at his granny!
The children are kept occupied with electronic games and videos 
Joel, enthralled in the adventure game on his screen

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  1. you've got a bunch of family love, there. :)

  2. What a delight to get the entire family together. I wonder how John & Deb get everyone in that car.

  3. Family joy ! Nice pictures of all of you !

  4. Dear Jo, it is so lovely to see all your family together! Little Liam is growing and looking so full of character and cuteness. It is amazing how he turned to the camera for his photo op! Hugs. xx


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