Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saying Goodbye Part II

The farewells continued: first I joined the ladies for our last Bible fellowship together. And instead of the normal Bible Study, they prayed over me, asking God's protection over me (even over the cats the next day!) and sending me off into another life with His blessing. Very, very special! 
Linda, Jo-Anne and Marita
Linda, Jo-Anne and Jo

We visited Minaz' hotel in Shinyanga for a last meal of his delicious Indian bitings. 
 Grant and Minaz enjoying a last chat over delicious Indian snacks
Babu and Bibi 

Then the night after the trucks had been commissioned, Grant invited the client to the club for snacks (made by yours truly and her trusty chefs!)

As always the women were in the minority; I asked Poena to photograph us three there that night.
Jo, Marita and Jo-Anne

Tomorrow I'll post about the last farewell at the camp. Happy Saturday to you all! 


  1. Hi Jo Lovely shots to keep and remember. Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Precious friends are such a gift. Hugs. xx

  3. It's always hard to say good bye ! Nice pictures of you all !

  4. so glad to see you pop up in my reader... i just love your names, Babu and Bibi... hope you will still be those names... i know you will miss your friends and they will miss you....

  5. JO, I am glad you will have these wonderful photos to remember your friends.. It must still be sad and happy to move on to a new time of your lives.. I wish you and Grant all the best.. have a happy weekend!

  6. Oh I can imagine how hard LEAVING your friends was.... AND I'm sure it was hard for them too. Will a new person replace Grant at the mine? I'm sorry they didn't extend your contract to stay longer. Obviously, things went well there while you all were there. It's certainly THEIR loss.

    I know you are going 'home' ---but what happens to the lady living in your home? Will Grant try to find another place to work? Maybe another new area --with lots of new friends????? Keep us posted.


  7. Bet you are sad to leave but you will be closer to your family. Take care Diane


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