Monday, October 26, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday # 3

After a hectic but final week of eye procedure, I'm managing to catch up on my blogging. 

The hunt for photos for this week's words was great fun.

Here goes:

Leaves of the Spathiphyllum in my office

We're full into summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, so autumn leaves are just not available to photograph. 
Instead I photographed the leaves on our mulberry tree

When my neighbor, Pienkie moved to the retirement center, she gave me two hats - these red ones! 
The black hat on the left is very popular with the African people; the larger hat in the foreground is Grant's pride and joy - a genuine Akubra all the way from Australia

A stop sign at the intersection up our street. We live in a quiet area of town and many most people don't heed this sign! 

 The main street of my town: Marquard. It's a small town in the Eastern Free State
The same main street facing downwards

Since democracy 21 years ago, South Africa's essential services like water and electricity have taken a serious dive. We now depend on this water tank to be filled from a large dam in Lesotho and then pumped to our homes. Last week "something" broke and we were without water for eight days
The highlight of our day is to see the marker half way or more down the edge of the tank . We have two water 2500 lt tanks behind  our garages and when this municipal tank pumps water, our tanks are filled. BLISS !

I'm linking to Scavenger Hunt Sunday here

Although it's Monday, I decided to hold my post over to Monday.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! 


  1. So glad all is going well and I love your photos for the day! A great variety!! Thanks for sharing, as always!! I do hope you have a wonderful new week, Jo!! Enjoy!!

  2. Beautiful photos! So sad to hear you had no water for eight days. Water is very essential one. without them a day can't think of it...

  3. Lovely to see the town where you live. Yes water is a pricelss commodity in S.A. Love the hats although i cannot imagine wearing them in Africa where Judith lives. Great post. Have a lovely week ahead.

  4. oh no on water gone for 8 days. that is horrible. my favorite hat is the one from Australia...

  5. Hello Jo, wonderful series for your photo hunt. The town looks small. I am glad you were still able to have water, eight days would be a long time. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  6. Nice collection of photos. Your hats are great. And luckily you now have water again. It's nice to see some spring leaver for a change.

    R. Täysin arkista


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