Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My world of travel

Hi everyone; I've finally come to roost rest back home and am I pleased!

During the week of the 10th of July, we made a quick trip to Cape Town again. We left early on Monday morning, slept over in Cape Town that night  the men concluded their business and we turned around and came home on Tuesday. That night we arrived home at 11.30. And boy, my body felt it the next day! 
Sunrise at 7.07 on Monday. We had completed 160kms of the 1240km trip here!
The scenery in the Southern Free State and entering the Karoo is always stunning

Looking into the future! 
About 2 1/3rds of the journey, we passed Three Sisters - a small town named after these three hills nearby
Quite near to Cape Town, we entered a tunnel running under DuToits Kloof - the Huguenot Tunnel
We approached Cape Town at about 5.05pm
 Peak hour traffic; fortunately Rudi, who knows this city well, took over the driving 
Tuesday  morning at 8am the sun was only just beginning to make an appearance. This is normal on the western shores of South Africa
I had fun taking photos from the back seat
And then we were in the Huguenot Tunnel again
The Cape Winelands and its stunning scenery
At one of our leg-stretching stops, I came across this sign on a gate...
...and this pretty flower below it!
One of the many "stop/go" waits we have when traveling on South African roads. It's never a  long stop and of course, I enjoy the opportunity to take photos while the car is stationary!
Soon we passed a farm with white Springbuck in amongst the traditional buck

 I was lucky to get these three images as we drove by in the car
At another leg-stretching stop in the Karoo, I photographed the setting sun - 5.30pm
I also convinced the men to gaze out over the veld in order for me to have a human element in my photo. Rudi (left) was quite obliging; Grant - on the other hand - isn't one to linger on a trip and wanted to get HOME. So he posed a bit grudgingly. LOL! 

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  1. That was a long trip for such a short time ! Nice pictures of the loooong way !

  2. LOL at Grant getting home. bob is point A to point B in the least time he can do it. I love the 3 sisters and the road view above it. my favorite is powerlines, peak traffic and winelands, in that order. all the photos are wonderful.

  3. Hi, I've been following your journeys on FB... You got some great pictures from the back seat.... Great sun pictures and I loved seeing the animals and flowers...


  4. That's a very long trip in a short time. I understand how tired you must have been. It was great to see your photos of the journey.

  5. This post was great. One of the best things about the internet is being able to see each others worlds. I have never been to any part of Africa so it is always interesting to read posts from that part of the world.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens


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