Saturday, August 20, 2016

All manner of critters and other beings

As the winter is nearing its end, the rainy season critters are emerging: i.e. our resident frog; the horses in the paddock next to the golf course and of course birds. 
The Hedges frog made its appearance last week again
The African Hoopoe silhouetted on a roof near Rina's home in the retirement village

The Red-throated Wryneck - which is so similar to the woodpeckers which were prolific near our home in Tanzania
The Little Grebe on the dam near Hole no 5 on the golf course
The Crowned Lapwing
My crazy Labrador and the ancient Jack Russel
Some wildflowers emerging in the warmer weather
The same Lab dipping in the cold water...
...waiting for Eddie (who's off-screen)...
...approaching the horses...

...greeting the friendly mare
We met up with a group of ladies going home
Grant test-driving one of the four-wheeler (quads) he'd repaired
I hopped on the back and we gave Skabenga a good run home
Note Eddie ahead of the pack
At home, John brushed Skabenga with a houndspaw
He clutched his play rope in his mouth while he was being groomed - crazy mutt

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  1. nice frog, glad he is back and safe. they amaze me that they disapear and come back when it rains. your birds always amaze me because i have never seen them before. i loved my Skabinga FIX . super shots of hubby and S getting groomed... loved every photo today

  2. Hello Jo, wonderful series! Cute froggie. I love your Skabenga, I wish I could give him a big hug. He is a handsome dog. Cute shot of Skabenga greeting the horse. I would love to see the Hoopoe and the Lapwing, gorgeous birds. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Enjoyed your post seeing the different kinds of birds there,loving the dog as well,thanks for sharing,phyllis

  4. Wow A wonderful selection of creatures in this post

  5. skabenga is getting so big...

  6. Skabenga...many hugs.

    Our Labs are definitely unique. (Molly says woof, grr)

  7. Hi, I always love seeing your kitties and all of the critters in your area... Seems as if winter is almost over there since you ahve some 'spring' flowers blooming --and since Grant doesn't have a jacket on.... YEAH... Maybe that means we will get some FALL soon.



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