Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spotted Eagle-owl

Being early (read:very early) risers who work physically most of the day, Grant and I never go out at night. 


Every Monday night when he is part of a three-man team (one of many taking part) playing a game called Bricket. It's a cross between bowls and cricket. Men, women and children play. It's informal and it's a whole lot of fun.  I don't play as I prefer to sit on the banks with several local ladies who point out people to me or introduce me when they come over to greet my companions. 

Play starts at 6pm and normally finishes at 8pm. There's a light meal (hamburger and chips/prego rolls and salad) on sale afterwards but we never stay. This is a real late night for us already! 

This week as we turned off the main farm road leading to our entrance, our pick-up truck's headlights picked up a bird on the bank. Not just any bird; an owl and owls are our favorite birds. 

Grant stopped the car and while his headlights shone on the owl, I managed three not-so-good photos. But we wanted a record of the owl we hear at night in the garden and also that we'd seen it now while driving home! 

Spotted Eagle-owl

The Spotted Eagle-owl is a common resident and most common "large eared" owl in the region. The call is a mellow two and three syllable hoot: hu-whooooo or who-are-you.

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  1. Hello, Jo! I love your resident owl. So glad you were able to see it on your way home. I love owls too.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. I love the sound of an owl, we have two little screech owls that we have only seen twice, but we hear them talking in early am, they may talk at night but we are asleep. we have not been out in the evening in 10 years or more. I did go out 3 times when doing volunteer work to take photos of the dance at the home. we get our DARK in the am

  3. How cool you spotted this owl and was able to get a photo.

  4. Seeing the owl made if worth being out late socializing.

  5. This brings back good memories of looking for owls on he way home from the pub / restaurants / climbing adventures when I lived in the UK. When I was last back their with my family, we saw a barn owl under these circumstances - what a great bird.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Bravo !!! ;-)
    Céline & Philippe


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