Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Another catch up...

... this time with friends! 

As regular readers of my blog know, since being public here in the Valley, I have had many many friends pop in and say hello. Three weeks ago, dear friend, Cheryl phoned me and said she and Chris were traveling  back from Gauteng to Durban in mid-September. They booked into The Bunker for a night so that afternoon Cheryl and I could catch up on our friendship. 

I hadn't seen Cheryl since 1994 when we lived in Marquard and she and her husband, Kevin spent a day with us. So much has happened; she and I have both since been widowed and her children have immigrated to Australia.

Cheryl and I met in the 80's when she joined the bank where I had been working for some years already. I already had a baby boy and she was trying for a family. When her first son was born not long after this, we became firm house friends. You always find young mothers flock together and support each other. 

Cheryl and Chris arrived on Saturday just before noon. I gave them the accommodation key and we arranged to meet once I'd closed up shop. 

Chris treated us to a lovely meal  at a local restaurant and Cheryl and I caught up with all the years in between. It was a real pleasure for me to get to know Chris as well. Chris, who's retired, manages a team building company and when we spoke about the Comrades Marathon, Cheryl pointed out that this is Chris' favorite project. He's responsible for many of the activities  at the end of the race.  Cheryl has invited me to  stay with her next year when the race is run and we'll wait together at the end. A few months ago I posted about the Comrades here

Above all, we arranged that now we've met up again, we'd keep in touch and visit more often. 
Chris, Cheryl and me 


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  1. It's always nice to reconnect with long lost friends. Who is Chris? Is it Cheryl's new husband? They look like a lovely couple. I wish you two well in keeping in touch with one another.

  2. Hello, Jo!
    It is so nice you were able to meet up with your friend Cheryl. Lovely photo of the three of you together. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  3. this makes me so happy for you, friends are always friends for life and so glad you connected again..

  4. How wonderful to spend time with an old friend and add a new friend in the mix.

  5. How wonderful that you could reconnect after all these years. I love your header by Gattina, talking of old friends, we met in Belgium on my last visit there! Small world.
    Wren x

  6. Jo thank you very much for your kind and caring words at the passing of Madi...
    she was the brains behind our blog...I just had the thumbs.
    Hugs Mom of Madi Cecilia

  7. The comrades was well beyond my capabilities but I have cycled the Pick n Pay Argus 8 times. Great catching up with friends. Have a good week Diane

  8. That is great to have a chance to reconnect!

  9. It's really lovely to reconnect with old friends from the past. So glad you had a lovely time and will get together again. The Bunker looks really neat - wouldn't mind staying there myself. I loved seeing the Drakensberg Mts. from a distance -twice- when staying near Kruger (at Rattray's on Mala Mala). I would love to come back to your part of SA some day!!!!!

    Have a nice week Jo.
    - Mary

  10. It sure is fun and healthy to catch up with friends. You look so happy here.


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