Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Catch up

Yes, I'm still posting about the farm where I live and love walking with Skabenga. All about calves this time; it\s apparently calving time now - September. The worst cold is over although we had snow on Saturday night, and the calves aren't submitted to the extreme summer temperatures yet. 

 Momma in the milking shed area watching over her newborn calf 

The next day we met her on the road. Cows with calves don't take kindly to dogs 

Here she faces off Skabenga (and probably me too) while we gave her a wide berth! 
This cow calved in the paddock above the house 

This calf was born on Sunday morning. Here the dairy lady shoos her mother back to the paddock below my house. The calf followed on wobbly legs 



  1. Aww, look at that cute calf. It won't be long before I'm saying we got snow. I'm not looking forward to that.

  2. When we stopped in Holland at a clog maker, the annex was a stable full of cows, I remained in the stable with the cows and petted them, the smell reminded me of my childhood.

  3. Hello, Jo
    The calves and cows are so cute. I am glad you and Skabenga keep your distance from the Momma and her calf. Love the photos. Have a happy day!

  4. that last photo is beautiful. I love all cows, black and white are my favorites. I love their big beautiful cow eyes and have been known to kiss a cow on the forhead, also a donkey got a kiss.

  5. Yes, a mama cow would be quite disapproving of the presence of a canine. Hence the glare.

  6. Is it spring in your neck of the world Jo? Just thought with all the calves. On our trip to the country last week we saw so many lambs.. and it is spring here ✨


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