Sunday, December 9, 2018

An old gentleman

Last Sunday, exactly a month after I lost my dear Shadow cat, Ginger, my oldest cat, the  passed away peacefully.

I fed the four cats their meaty treats at about 4.30am. As I place a bowl in front of each cat, I stroke that one's head. I remember doing exactly this for Ginger and that he bent down to eat. 

I walked to my desk and turned on my laptop. As I looked towards my kitchen where I feed the kitties, I saw Ginger lying  on his side at his bowl. 

I phoned my vet, Arina who said he'd obviously had an embolism and went peacefully. 

We inherited Ginger with our house in Keirio Valley, Kenya in 2010. When we had him neutered (not before he'd sired Ambrose!) the vet in Eldoret said he was about seven years old. 

Ginger was 15 years old when he passed.

I could see Grant, Shadow in his arms, meeting Ginger at the Rainbow bridge. 

Rest in peace my dear sweet Ginger. 


  1. RIP sweet Ginger. Hugs to you dear Jo. xx

  2. I am so very sorry for you. And hope that they are all having a delightful time on that Rainbow Bridge.

  3. So sorry, always a difficult time. Take care Diane

  4. Hello, RIP Ginger. Dear Jo and Hedges kitties, I am sorry for your loss. I hope they are all having happy times at the Rainbow Bridge.

  5. my heart hurts for you, I am so sorry to hear of Ginger passing... run free sweet Ginger

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about Ginger. RIP sweet Ginger. Hugs to you

  7. So sorry to hear this Jo, RIP Ginger.

  8. That's what I would wish for Kim ! Sad for us good for him !


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