Wednesday, December 26, 2018


In my previous  post  I mentioned guests  I'm waiting for  today: 26  December. These six  adults and a baby are going to stay in my large accommodation  - a ten-sleeper - until next Wednesday.  

My smaller holiday unit,  a two - sleeper  has been occupied by  a single man since  last Tuesday. He  leaves on Sunday 30th  and while Steve [hopefully] watches  the shop for  me, I'll go  and clean after this man and prepare for  two guests  who arrive at 2pm! 

But cleaning and prepping units is not what this  post is about. It's about my  single guest and what  inadvertently happened to  him  last Friday.  The owner  of  my  * small unit * set the  gardeners to mowing the huge  lawn  around their private home next  door and  the vast area surrounding my accommodation. 

The ride-on mower which the gardener  uses is  housed  in the   garage  at my unit. Guests have undercover parking  in front of this  garage. Only thing is  my  guest had parked his car flush up against the  garage door.  

As it was quiet  at  my unit, the owner surmised the  guest had gone for  a  walk on the estate and suggested to the four men with her that they  move the car back  and so gain  entry into  the garage.  

How we do  things in Africa is with muscle and strength,  the four  men picked  up the guest's car and began to move backwards with  it.  

All good and  well  until they carefully  put it down a distance from the garage...

... and the alarm went off! 

Apparently  my guest shot out of the unit, eyes as round  as saucers. He'd  been resting  on the bed  when he saw  his car floating past  the window at shoulder height!  Coming from the city where theft, especially car theft is rife,  he  thought the  worst.

The  owner,  standing with the gardeners  apologized  profusely and explained what they'd  been trying to do! She phoned  me later and  suggested I should offer the guest compensation and  deduct it from her part  of the commission. I didn't agree.  I told her that he can  "dine out" on this story  for  many years to come!  

NOTE ** I've specifically  not mentioned the names  of  either of my accommodations. For obvious reasons! 

Here's  wishing  you all a  great Wednesday.


  1. thanks for the morning laugh, of course if my car floated past my window I would not be laughing. this is hilarious....

  2. Oh my, that had to be a sight to see, a car floating by your window. I could see why the car owner would be upset. I am glad all worked out ok. Enjoy your day and have a good week ahead.

  3. Oh my goodness. I can just imagine my car floating in the air and the shock I would feel, lol. I'm sure he had a good laugh later and as you say, a story to tell for years. BTW, I'm so glad the accommodations you manage were fully booked for the holidays.

  4. O dear what a story Jo! That must have been so funny :))

  5. Of course he could dine out on that story. (And review his security settings. I am surprised it didn't go off when the car was picked up).

  6. Oh My Goodness.... In our country, if someone thinks their car is being stolen ---they'd bring their gun out... Glad that didn't happen!!!!!! ha

    Cute Story...

  7. I'm sure this wasn't funny to your guest at the time but it's certainly a story to tell over and over. It made me laugh

  8. LOL so funny. Hope you had a good Christmas, Diane

  9. Haaaaaa....too funny!


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