Friday, March 29, 2019


I've posted quite often about my friendship with, Lynette,. another 60-something single lady in the Valley. I also recently posted that she's left to go to the UK where she's taking up caring. and that Lynette has cut my hair for the past two and a half years. I was sad to see Lynette go and also sad because there goes a person who knew my hair so well that it always looked good under her care. 
I used this photo in the March Probus newsletter (of which I'm the editor) and called it: Jo and Lynette, vintage friends 

Earlier this week I had my monthly appointment with my nail technician. I have been visiting Jessica for more two and a half years and also came to trust her implicitly with my hands, feet and the nails on them! 

As she was putting the finishing touches to my feet, she said was moving to Bloemfontein in the Free State - leaving in the first week of April. Ergh! 

I sincerely hope and pray that the beautician who has bought Jessica's business, will be as good as her. 
My finger and toenails always match! 



  1. I would not mind the nails thing because I do my own, but most of the time they are just natural. but the hair would break my heart. I have never found anyone that could make me happy except for 34 years ago I married Bob and he cuts it Just Like I like it. he is aging and getting tired of cutting it, but I am afraid to try someone else. besides, here a hair cut is 30 to 40 dollars plus a tip.

  2. Oh dear, your friend moving far away. And now your hair and nails will be looking for other care, I like the colors of your nail polish.

  3. Hello, it is sad to see your friends, your hair and nail technicians moving away. I hope you find new people you like. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

  4. Aw dear Jo, I find these kind of changes in my own life rather unsettling for a while though I try not to let it be so as they are natural. Recently when I returned from Africa, the local postal agents told me they were moving on. They were a bit coy because they kept the date very secretive. One day I went and they were there. Two days later I went and they were gone! Such is life. I guess they didn't want a going away party, lol. I hope your new nail aesthetician is a good one.

  5. It's always hard to say farewell to friends.

  6. I am sure she will be. There is always an alternative somewhere, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. people come and people go but it's so hard on those left behind who have to find their replacement.


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