Tuesday, March 19, 2019

My life...

Yesterday, waiting in my car for the bovine traffic to disperse - albeit, most languidly - I noticed a cow with two calves. Seeing John on the yard, I asked him if they were twins. He said yes. I have always known about sheep having twins and even triplets, but this is the first time I'd seen calf twins. 

 While I waited, I photographed the cattle egrets against the beautiful blue sky
 My morning traffic! 

 The twin calves  
 My precious Thandiwe helps me carry my work stuff to the car. Here she closes the gate and returns to work indoors 
Skabby and the cats are happy to have her company three times a week. I love Thandi, my domestic goddess! 

I'm off from working in the shop on Tuesdays. Today I do my Weigh-Less admin, sort out my Avon orders and get ready to drive into town at midday. At 3pm I have my Weigh-Less group and afterwards it's a tad of shopping and home. Tomorrow it's back to work in the Valley again. 

I have guests occupying my two accommodation units respectively on Thursday. It's a long-weekend in South Africa and I'm ever grateful for the remuneration of hospitality. Tomorrow I'll check on The Bunker and later drive up the mountain road (I'll try to photograph the ride from the car, but I'm rather nervous while driving!) to Ulundi Family Holiday Home. 

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  1. Not a good idea to do ANY photography from a moving car! Love all the cattle and you are fortinate to have a domestic godess.

  2. That's some traffic jam you had to wait

  3. Hello, the twin calves are so cute. I love the egret tree. I am glad you have help and Skabenga and your kitties have some company. The mountain drive sounds lovely, take care. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  4. those calves are just to cute for words and I laughed out loud at the words, waiting in my car for the bovine traffic to disperse. bob said What? I showed him the cows and read it to him and laughed to... I said, well she does live on a dairy farm... love the pic of your house helper and Skabinga at the end. happy for you your accomdations are rented.

  5. Hi Jo!
    I prefer this kind of traffic than my daily with the cars and the pollution on the city!
    Have a great week in this wonderful country <º(((<

    Cheers, Bia

  6. That morning traffic has a better disposition than the morning traffic I tend to see.

  7. Lovely setting. How beautiful especially at this time of year. So glad you have Thandiwe to not only help you keep house but to look after your fur babies while you are away.

  8. We still have cows crossing the roads occasionally here in New Zealand though, not very often. I love the photos you took while you waited. I would wait, too, but my Hubby slowly drives into their crossing area where they always stop and let us cross, but it still makes me nervous. :)


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