Monday, April 1, 2019

Weigh-Less in Winterton

I've been the Weigh-Less Group Leader for Winterton and Champagne Valley since mid-October and have had several successes already. Two of my members have reached their goal weight and three more are in the running for getting there in the next month. Several others are a third of the way and halfway to their goal. 

 Weigh-Less has specific guidelines as to how you display your information at the venue
 My own success is displayed on a paneled board - as a Group Leader you have to be at your healthy goal weight
 I deliver a lecture after weighing each member privately 
 Explaining the first steps in the Weigh-Less filo (eating plan) 
 Two of my members show their 5kg weight loss awards 
 Kerry, whose successes has featured on Facebook, proudly shows her 23kg loss 

On Thursdays I have a second group for the week, to accommodate the ladies in Champagne Valley .
 Stella smiles beautifully while reading through the March pamphlet 
The members wait for the lecture in the Valley to start 



  1. this is so much like our TOPS Take Off LBS Sensibly group. almost identical. this coming week end is our State Awards meeting, I am not going. I asked them if I had to travel to meetings to be a group leader and they said not. it is 90 minute drive and it last for 2 days and overnight stay in hotel. I don not like to do things like that. Congrats to all these ladies. I did the K to LBS on Kerry and that is wonderful. mine goes almost 30 k... I know how hard it is.

  2. Hello, Jo! I am sure you are a great leader and role model for the weight-less group. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week ahead!

  3. it is good to encourage others to be healthy

  4. Well done. You are providing a great service. I would like to join one of your groups. Since I had a broken ankle for 8 weeks and then hospital for a week with a wound infection, I have put on 3 kilos which I am finding so hard to lose.


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