Sunday, June 14, 2020

A great sighting

On Monday afternoon I saw a Black-collared Barbet perching on the vegetable garden fence. By the time I'd fetched my camera from the office (now indoors as it's very cold in the Central Drakensberg_ and gone outside again, the barbet had flown off.

In its place was a Dark-capped Bulbul. 

So I took photos...

Dark-capped Bulbul

While I was crouching out in the garden, enjoying the afternoon sun and many garden birds, Derryn, the younger daughter of the young farmer next door, called me from the road between my garden and theirs.   She'd seen a Fish-eagle in a dead tree on the riverbank while out on their patio. She invited me to come along in her mum's prado and see it close by.

Which we did.

And I took photos.

 African Fish-Eagle 

The female is larger than the male and has a larger white chest band. As there was only one bird at the site, we couldn't compare. 

Afterwards I asked my birding mentor, SIL Shelley, why there was only one Fish-Eagle on the tree., She said they breed from June through October. The female was possibly incubating in one of the large oak trees in the farm yard, I now have the whole family peering up into the trees looking for a nest. If this bird was one of a pair, and we spot the female on the nest, I hope to take photos. I will report back here!

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  1. Hello, Jo

    Your bird sightings were wonderful. I love the pretty Dark-capped Bulbul. The Fish Eagle is an awesome bird, I hope the nest is nearby, it would a great sight to watch the eaglets. Good luck finding the nest. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. I appreciate the comment and visit. Enjoy your day, have a happy new week ahead!

  2. Hello. Dark-capped Bulbul and Fish eagle look so fantastic. Wonderful photos.

  3. Awesome shot of the eagle and so kind of her to come and get you so that you could take pictures and see it. When you say it's very very cold then you know it's very very hot here as we are total opposites in weather while you suffer from the cold we suffer from the Heat

  4. What a magnificent bird. Looking forward to more pictures of the eagles.

  5. What an AMAZING morning. Many, many thanks.

  6. What a beautiful fish eagle. Hope you can find the nest.
    Have a wonderful week, Jo.

  7. Wonderful birds to see in your garden. Even better when you can get some great pictures of them.

  8. What wonderful bird sightings.

  9. I so fell in love with the Fish Eagle's cry. How fortunate a sighting. Sure hope you get to watch a nest.


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