Sunday, June 28, 2020

I have an excuse!

Dear Blogger friends, I was getting on so well; blogging and visiting your blogs and then it happened.

Life threw me a curved ball. 

Twelve days ago, at 12.30 a.m. I had a bad fall. I cut my leg,  sprained the foot and ankle as well. The whys and hows and what on earth, are another story for another time. I managed to stop the bleeding, disinfected it with sanitizer (we have lots around these days, don't we?) and put a plaster on it. 

Feeling very shaken, even though it was the early hours of a cold winter morning, I couldn't get back to sleep. My internet works well from midnight to about 9am, so I sat, wrapped in my winter's dressing gown, heater at my feet, and worked at my desk. 

For three days, I forgot about it although my ankle and foot were blue and painful to walk on. By Friday, I'd removed the plaster, not even looking at the wound. Silly, I know.  It was throbbing badly at that area but I thought it was from the bad bruising. Ron offered to take me to the doctor, but I didn't think it was necessary. Silly me, again. I know.

Long story, short.  

By Monday, I visited the doctor. He immediately asked why I hadn't come sooner. I said I didn't think it was serious at the time. I'd contracted a  bad infection; had a huge haematoma and cellulitis. 
He prescribed strong antibiotics, even stronger anti-inflammatory pain tablets. He dispenses so the gauze, antibiotic cream and crepe bandage with the meds, goes on my appointment . Fortunately. The medical plan I have pays for five doctor appointments a month so this was a great savings. 

We have a retired nursing sister, Jenny,  living in the Valley and she helps with home nursing. She was most supportive when I had bad dog bites on the same leg in December 2018 (there's something about my left leg which begs injury!) and after my major surgery in September 2019. 

I contacted Jenny from the doctor's rooms and asked her to help with dressing the wound once we got home.  Jenny was aghast at the sight of my leg.  Ron was standing behind her and told her she'd offered to get me to the doctor last week already. 

Jenny dressed it and sent me straight to bed.  I have had to have it elevated since Monday. Today, Sunday,  I am still in bed, with my leg up. And every morning and night I send photos to Jen to monitor it. She's been to visit three times as well and will pop in tomorrow, Monday to check it again. 

I'm not a hypochondriac - in fact , I tend to brush health and injury issues aside as not important - so I'm sorry to post about this.


This has been a major lesson to me.  

I have been to the "hot place" and back this week. With pain, frustration at my own shortsightedness, having to walk with a crutch; with concern that it might become worse. I will NEVER ever again,  take a chance with an injury. I will NEVER ever treat a cut myself.

Guess who is THRILLED Mum is on the electric blanket with a bar heater alongside the bed?
 Mama on top of my cupboard watching over me; Ambrose on my bed. I have to move him down to claim my space
 Missy at my feet 

Chappie is on the stool under the dressing table, at my left arm, as we speak! 



  1. I am so sorry to hear about your painful lesson.
    Now concentrate on healing - in the most excellent furry company.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your injury Jo. I'm glad you got the help you needed in time and I pray you will mend soon. xx

  3. Oh Dear Jo!!! Well a lesson learned but hard one. I also fell nearly 4 weeks ago and although I knew had not broken it, it got a bit better then the following week it got worse and when going to 2 hospitals discovered a torn ligament but got a BRILLIANT physio who put me through my paces and where I had been resting it, (that was the wrong thing to do she said) walk on it and exercise it 3 times a day. So with 2 crutches adn a zimmer I was off and improved in a few days to 1 critch adn in 5/6 day no crutches although slower. Then I was FOOLISH!! VErY FOOLISH. I thought I was so good I would do some gardening but the things I did were too heavy and the next day, I was back to walking like a snail , painful and back to a crutch. I had put myself back at least a week!!! I was so annoyed with myself at how stupid i had been. Anyway, here is the UK lockdown is easing up and I am flying over to my daughter on the I.O.W next Saturday with wheelchair assistance!!!! How the mighty fall!!! Yes we are both very independent people so perhaps both of us have learned lessons recently. I hope your recovery is quick and stay safe. God bless

  4. Hello Jo,
    I am so sorry to hear about your fall. Sounds serious. I am glad that the doctor is taking care of your injuries and you have Jenny helping you. Take care and I am sending healing prayers and wishes for a quick recovery. Love all your furbabies. HUGS, wishing you a good week ahead.

  5. So I am so so sorry to read this and this is so dangerous and you could even lose a leg oh my goodness! You must be a long distance relative of my husband Bob because he will never ever treat anyting. So glad that you did go to the doctor and that you have someone that can check on you and that you have all your beautiful Critters to keep you company while you're in bed. Prayers for your leg to heal and the infection to go away and if you feel better quickly. Infection is so hard to get rid of these days. Hugs and love coming to you

  6. So sorry to hear about your fall. This is a bad time for needing any kind of medical care. The medical personnel and hospitals are trying to cope. But thank goodness, you got the care you needed. Do be careful.

  7. So sorry to hear about your fall and injury. I'm bad about going to the doctor and probably would have done the same as you did. Get better soon.

  8. So sorry to hear about your injury. It's never too late to learn a lesson or two. My wife has a bad left leg too (not currently), she fell a couple of times the last few years and it always the left leg. I see the kitties benefit with the electric blanket too, they are probably thrilled. Hope you heal fast and get mobile again. Class is dismissed, don't forget your lesson now. :)

  9. Glad to have you 'visit' ~ not glad to hear about your medical issues ~ Glad that you have your sweet fur persons to keep you company ~ Glad that you got the needed medical attention ~ Sending lots of distant reiki healing energy ~ Be well soon ~ be gentle with yourself ~ Xox

    Be Safe,Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Nasty falls are more serious as we age my dear. I am glad you finally got past the stubborn to see a doctor. Other than the prescriptions, your furry family will help you heal. Big hug!


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