Sunday, June 20, 2021

Hedges Kitties and Skabby

 Good morning dear Blogger friends. I have taken over the job of Kitty Journalist which darling Ambrose did so well for many years. I need to scroll back and see when he qualified to have his own post on my blog. LOL! I always felt bad when I got busy and would hog the laptop and he couldn't get a post up.

 Skabby is happy and well as always and the cats are doing what cats do best...

Mama and Missy asleep on my electric blanket
Chappie asleep on the velvet cushioned chair in my office

Skabby's favorite part of our daily walk is to dive into the dam

Shaking himself dry this morning, I caught him with his lip lifted and teeth exposed! 

Happy Sunday to you all


  1. A very happy Sunday to all of you too.

  2. Hello,
    It is nice to see an update on the Hedges Kitties and Skabby! Cute photos.
    Take care, have a happy new week!

  3. the teeth are from flapping jaws, i can see Beaus when he shakes like that. Scabby looks wonderful as do all the cats .

  4. Contented cats catching up on their beauty sleep. Nice to see Skabby getting ready for his daily swim. Have a great week, Jo.

  5. Beautiful photos of the Hedges fur babies.

  6. Good to see all the fur babies happy. Stay well.


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