Sunday, June 13, 2021

June business is brisk

 Good evening dear Blogger friends. At last posting on 23 May, I thought I'd get back to blogging regularly. 

Not so...

1st June dawned, with it snow on our beautiful Drakensberg mountains, and guests poured from all over South Africa to experience this phenomena. Strange as it may seem to my friends in the USA and Canada, snow is an oddity in our country. 

This photo was taken at 5pm 1 June 2021 as the sun was setting over the Central Drakensberg. 

The entire Drakensberg mountain range was under snow that day and for several days afterwards. My personal experience that day was that Thandi and I were cleaning my two-sleeper unit, The Bunker after guests,  and prepping for incoming guests. As we travelled towards the mountains that morning, it was snowing, and we could see the mountain being sprinkled with snow, resembling icing sugar. 

Of course, the snow is HIGH up in the mountains and nowhere near any accommodation. This was a question we had to answer to several callers phoning to find out if it's snowing on accommodation patio or in the garden. The answer was always a firm "no". You can come and stay;  come and enjoy the vision of the snow on the mountains. 

Meanwhile, I have had back-to-back bookings since 31 May. 

Setting up extra beds for a young family

Thandi ...
...and I have our respective tasks 
Ready for the young family this past weekend

The snow a few days into June
The view of the mountain peaks from my large family accommodation (yesterday) 

Have a great week, everybody!


  1. You must have such memorable experiences as you make preparations for giving guests their own memorable experience. Best wishes for your work as well as downtime!

  2. We were promised (rare) snow in my city last week. It didn't happen.
    Love the views you and your guests have, and am very glad that business is booming for you (despite the extra work).

  3. This is great news that you've been so busy that you couldn't blog money in the pocket is always good. And it's a beautiful view with the snow and without the snow. So glad you're doing well

  4. Those mountain views are achingly beautiful.

  5. Hello, Jo
    It is great your places are so busy. The view of the mountains and dusting of snow look so pretty. Gorgeous views and photos! Take care, have a happy day and a great week!

  6. Hi Jo,
    glad business is doing well and tourists are flocking to your area. The views of the mountain are absolutely beautiful. Have a wonderful week, take care and give the 4-legged creatures a treat from me. :)

  7. Breathtakingly beautiful, especially to look up at.

  8. You do a good job in the accommodation rooms. Snow is also an attraction here when it happens in the highlands of Queensland and NSW. We had it a few weeks ago too.


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