Saturday, November 27, 2021

Four years

 Today four years ago, my marriage partner of 46 years, friend and protector, Grant, passed away suddenly. 

After leaving the mine in Tanzania, we lived for two years in our home in the Free State, South Africa. Our younger son, Angus and family lived next door to us. The grandchildren loved being near us and especially loved Grant. They often came to him where he was always busy in his beautifully neat and well-equipped workshop and asked him to fix any and all manner of toys.

Joel sits on the bar stool chatting to Granddad while he repaired a skateboard. Abby had just asked  Granddad to help fix her doll's pram

Entertaining the grandies wearing a child's pink sunglasses 

When we retired to the Central Drakensberg, it didn't take long for us to get involved in the local events in the Champagne Valley. Every Monday night Grant and John [Muirhead] would be part of a four - man team playing cricket bowls at The Nest Hotel. On Tuesdays, we did day hikes into the mountains. Saturdays we did Parkrun. Grant was the regular Tail walker and well loved by the walkers who were recuperating from surgery and starting to exercise slowly again. He was always very patient. Once he asked me to do the Tail Walker job, while he volunteered as timekeeper at the end of the 5km walk. 
A regular volunteer at the Winterton Parkrun, here Grant times old friend, Ant Muirhead 

In October 2017, we took part in the Cancer Pink [bra] Walk held at the same venue as the Parkrun. Grant wore his hiking sandals, the family tartan, his Widows Sons Bikers waistcoat, a pink padded bra worn over a black tee shirt and his Akubra, completed his outfit. 
Posing with his Monday cricket bowls partner, John Muirhead 

Grant won the prize for the best outfit at this event

At the Biker AGM in Bloemfontein mid - 2017 

During the week, Grant built this cottage for us on Caroline's property. Ironically, after his death, I wasn't able to live there. Instead, dear friends John and Ron Muirhead offered me a cottage on the farm where I have lived for the past four years
The last photo of the Hedges family together, mid-July 2016

From the time of Grant's sudden death, and through necessity, I had to take care of myself. Because of his kind nature and outgoing manner, I have a great circle of friends in the Valley. Some of them I work with, through my accommodation; some support me in my direct selling business; still others belong to my Weigh-Less groups and the rest I socialize with on different occasions.  Living on the farm with the Muirheads, I am able to run my three businesses while working in the farm office during the week. Thankfully, due to Grant, I have a firm platform from which to continue networking and supporting myself. 




  1. This is a fine tribute to a fine man. A man you miss each and every day.

  2. I'm very sorry. You have good memories of him.

  3. Rest in peace dear Grant. Dear Jo, you and Grant created a lifetime of wonderful memories. May they always give you comfort. Hugs.xx

  4. Hello Jo,
    A lovely memorial post for Grant! I hope your happy memories fill you with peace. Beautiful family photos. The past 4 years has made you stronger and determined, you support yourself very well. It is nice to have a circle of friends for support when needed. Have a great day and a happy new week ahead.

  5. this is a beutiful memorial to Grant and I remember most of these photos from the past, especailly the pink bra and kilt, ha ha, who could forget it once seen. I do not remember seeing the family photo and it is perfect. Hugs from accross the big pond

  6. Always in our hearts. ❤ Grant would be so proud of you, Jo. xxx

  7. Nice tribute to Grant and nice memories. I remember seeing some of those photos especially the one when he was building the cottage. Glad you have a great circle of friends who can help you and give you support. You've come a long way, Jo and Grant would be very proud of you. Hope you have a good week.

  8. You spent many years with this fine man. So glad to have met both of you. A wonderful tribute.

  9. Such wonderful memories of a special person. I admire your courage and persistence to continue living what appears to be a rich, full life. Blessings as Christmas time nears.


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