Sunday, November 14, 2021

Just when we thought it was safe... go back into the water! (with apologies to Peter Benchley, Jaws) 

I see that I last posted on 10th October. Oh wey

I have an excuse. No, I have a month of excuses. I have honestly been very busy with my Weigh-Less groups. Online, I have 120 members from all over the world. And in venue (which means weekly  travel to lead these groups), I have fifty members spread over three groups in two days. 

I have also had wonderful guests in The Bunker and the large family holiday home. Thandi and I clean after check-out guests, and prep before the incoming guests. We also travel 40km round trip for my accommodation. All this takes time and often takes its toll on my back! 

At the same time, I still work mornings in the farm office and presently I am renewing vehicle licenses online for the all the vehicles. Not at all as simple as it sounds here. If there is an admin glitch in any document, it throws out all the applications. I have to find the error, solve it and resubmit all the vehicle renewals. 

However, I am most grateful for my job security on the farm and the revenue from the accommodation. In the course of business, I have met and remotely known many wonderful people. 

Today as we entered The Bunker, the guests had left my guest book at the reception mirror
How did she know I love BLING?

I have Russian guests arriving today and checking out on Tuesday. We will clean on Tuesday morning as I have a German couple checking in at 14h00 and staying for the week. 

I always set out individual chocolates against the towels which are rolled up at the foot of the bed. I also leave a slab of chocolates with a welcome note at the fruit bowl on the table. Today I wrote the welcome out in Russian! 
Each guest receives a chocolate on the bed 
The large slab of chocolate with a postcard of the Champagne Valley with a Russian welcome on the reverse
Welcome to the Morozov family 

I also had a most favorable review from the lady with 17 guests staying in the family holiday home this weekend
One of the five queen guest rooms in Nyati Valley Berg Guest House 
The patio, swimming pool and view of Champagne Castle and Cathkin Peaks 

AND they re-booked: four days over Easter 2022 ! 

In the marketing field, I have reached Avon Top Seller Status   in 2021. I was given a challenge with a favorable reward system,  in June this year.  I took it by the horns and will end the year with a bang. Not only is this income welcome, but I have also made many,  many friends who now support me as customers. Only yesterday, while I was setting up the Parkrun app on my phone, I noticed a brown paper bag with my name on it. Opening it, I found the Avon brochure with several items marked as her order. As I tipped out the bag, a packet of fruit pastille sweets slid onto the table. 

Mmmm, not only do I like bling; I also enjoy a sweet treat! 

An Avon order and a packet of sweet treats from a friend

My social life is also not all that stagnant. While finishing up at The Bunker two weeks ago, a friend from Tanzania phoned me. Louise and Wessel, who worked for the client at the diamond mine in Mwadui, were good friends of mine and Grant's. Louise used to cut my hair on the camp and as she had a nail salon, she gelled all the ladies' nails. Including mine, of course. I have always enjoyed being neatly groomed even tucked away on a remote mine site in East Africa! This day, Louise said they were passing Winterton and would like to meet up with me.
Moi and my East African friend, Louise

On Friday night as I was preparing for bed, I received a call from Lee and Jo,  biker friends in Durban.  They were in the Drakensberg for the weekend and wanted to see me. We arranged to meet at Thokosiza Lifestyle Centre after I had finished volunteering at Parkrun on Saturday. What a lovely catch-up we had over lunch. 
My friends, Jo and Lee with me, Jo in the center 

So while I apologize for my long absence, please know that I miss blogging and hope to reignite the regularity with which I had been blogging -  until recently.  

May you all have a great week ahead. 


  1. Hello Jo,
    You look great in the photos with your friends. I am glad you and all the businesses are doing well. The guest houses look wonderful! Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

  2. Wow Jo I am so proud of You! You are amazing. Lots of love❤

  3. You have been, and are, very, very busy. I am glad that you also take time for yourself.

  4. Kudos to you for your successful activities!

  5. You've been very busy. Glad to see this post and know your busy and having a happy life with your friends visiting. Enjoy the company and have a great week.

  6. You are so blessed to be so busy and I am really happy to hear all of this. Everyone who meets you loves you and all of this post proves that... Every day life with real live people tops blogging anytime.

  7. You look awesome so this busy life suits you.

  8. It was great to read about all the activities in which you are involved and to read how busy and successful you are. Well done Jo! You are looking great so busyness becomes you. I'm so glad that you also have good friends who make time to visit. Hugs from Canada.


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