Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Christmas is a two day affair on the farm

 Good morning dear Blogger friends. As mentioned in my post yesterday, I helped cater for Janine and Gavin's Christmas Even dinner as usual. Derryn always makes genuine American Pumpkin Pie which is guzzled with no seconds left. Lynn, Janine's SIL from the farm next door, made potato bake this year while Cindy (Ant's wife) made slow roasted mutton and brandy butter for the Christmas pudding.  Nine supplied a Woolworths pudding - always delicious. 

The guests were an eclectic mix of old, middle aged and young folk. The oldest being Ant (Farmer John's brother) at 81. His wife, Cindy at 78. John and Ronnie (my landlords, employers, neighbors, friends, Weigh-Less members and customers), are 76. Then comes me heading fast towards 70. Janine's dad, Morgan (80) came up from his home in Pietermaritzburg with Jenna and Guilford on Thursday. 

Along with Ant and Cindy's are their son Terry and his wife Lynn; their two sons Brett, 25 and Shaun, 21. Lynn's mom, (78) was widowed in 2020 and a guest that night.  Jenna's boyfriend , a vegetable farmer in Ixopo, Guilford was here. And Jeremy, studying veterinary was at the young table. Jeremy's parents, Norman, the local vet, and Christine, local Pilates teacher are always guests at the Muirhead Christmas table. Christine always makes the dessert: homemade ice-cream and fruit kebabs.  This year, Jeremy's maternal grandmother, Joan, 78,  was in the company as were his older sister, Emma and her new fiancé, Mike and Jeremy's younger sister, Andrea. 

Gavin and Nine preside at the top of the table, gracious hosts as always. The food went down well and we finally finished dinner at 10.30. A wonderful evening.

On Christmas day at 9am, Ron and John meet me at my garden gate and we return to Gavin and Nine's for Christmas mince pies, Christmas cake and coffee. Jenna and Guilford hand out the Christmas gifts. 

Opening gifts: Janine's dad, Morgan is in the foreground; Jenna and Guilford on the sofa and Gavin the left hand corner 
I was spoilt: lots of biscuits and a special hot sauce; a set of knives from Ron and John with a R5 coin stuck to the card; a unique tin of biscuits;  a Tupperware of jam tarts and body lotion and shower creams. Ronnie had bought two packs of Christmas cards not realizing the one was in Afrikaans. I am the only Afrikaans person she knows, hence the Afrikaans card in the photo

I have rested since 11am on Christmas day and finally roused myself to get back into the office. On Tuesday I will go up to The Bunker and clean after the Christmas guests. Thandi, as always had a week's paid leave between Christmas and New Year. However, she asked if she could come and help me on Tuesday, knowing full well she will only work half a day and be paid cash for her efforts. 

Then we will both take a solid break until Monday when my New Year's weekend guests check out and the next five day guests arrive. 

Enjoy your holidays. 


  1. Wow that was one huge Christmas party. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Aren't friends fabulous?

  2. It looks and sounds good. Enjoy your well deserved break.

  3. Hello,
    Your Christmas dinner and party sound lovely. Pumpkin pie is one of my favorites. It is great to spend time with friends. It is good you have a break in between. I wish you all the best in 2022, a happy New year! Take care, enjoy your day and week ahead.

  4. you are a busy bee, two days of Christmas fun with friends and nice presents. so glad you have all those friends to spend the holiday with...

  5. Looks like you had a grand time with friends celebrating Christmas. Enjoy your break and have a happy and healthy 2022.

  6. It's still odd to my northern mind to think of Christmas in shorts.

  7. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas 🎄.

  8. Dear Jo. Can you imagine a life with no friends? Thank God for good friends. That's what Christmas is all about....your sister Rose xxx


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