Saturday, June 11, 2022

Saturday walk and critters

 Good morning dear Blogger friends. Once again, I have been absent. But here I am back again.

Skabby and I have managed several walks here on the farm. Most times we see something different. But, always,  we see interesting things.

This mama cow warned Skabby not to come any closer - note his wariness! 

Further along, Skabby sniffed out a newborn calf sleeping in the grass
Along the road we saw this seed-loaded trailer stuck in a rut
Vick brought a tractor to pull it out

A Lab will always test the waters; the muddier the better
Skabby has imprinted the dam over the years: it's HIS dam! 
Red-knobbed coot on the dam

On the way back, we stopped to photograph the cows against the mountain peaks with snow

I'm linking to Saturday critters with Eileen here



  1. Hello Jo,
    I am sure Skabby enjoyed his walks with you and the muddy water swims. The calf is adorable and I love the view of the cattle and mountains in the background. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  2. Mama cow was warning off because of that beutiful baby I am thinking. yay for water to play in and I do hope they got the seed unstuck without spilling the seeds

  3. Sure feels good to get in the water during a walk...for a dog! I love the mts in the background too. Beautiful photos today! I'm happy to see you here!

  4. Thank you for taking us on your walk(s).

  5. What a wonderful stroll. I love your last photo with the animals and mountains, it's a beauty. Enjoy your day, Jo.

  6. Cows can be quite wary of dogs.

  7. You live in a place of beauty.


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