Thursday, June 16, 2022

Weigh-Less open meeting

 Good morning dear Blogger friends. In yesterday's post, I mentioned that a Goal Weight Member of mine agreed to be a guest speaker at an open meeting to be held next week. This is an effort of mine to increase membership in our venue groups. Many of the members who were used to physically attend a Weigh-Less group meeting, did not actually enjoy doing the "online weigh-in". While almost 80% reached their goal weight while we were still under Lockdown, a few just dropped out. 

Upon re-opening groups in September 2020, the membership and attendance has been sparse. But this is the same with the local Book Club, the Garden Club and at church services. Covid caused a certain lethargy and apathy towards gatherings. My Group Assistant takes a realistic stand: she says many have gained weight while under Lockdown and are too embarrassed to return to group. Which is a pity, as our Weigh-Less groups are all about just that: Weigh-Less!

Ironically, since April 2020, after I registered my first online member from Australia, with Weigh-Less, I have built up a large Virtual group of members: topping 160 who weigh in online every week.

Meanwhile, I am promoting the special offer for next week's meeting with this poster below. 

Harold is successful young businessman in town, a community leader and an avid sportsman. Now he has a success story to share with other hopefuls! 

In future, I look forward to coaching larger groups of members which, hopefully, this promotion will deliver. 



  1. Hello,
    It always helps to hear a success story. You have built up a large group of online members. Take care, enjoy your day!

  2. good idea for him to be a speaker and share his journey and slide back and come forward again. it is the same here. I stopped going to meetings in march of 2020 and never went back, the group dropped to less than half, I gave up being the leader also. leaders do not get paid, and it became all consuming with my time, so I stopped doing it

  3. You are doing good work there.


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